10th Class Maths Model Papers and Blue Print 2014-15 for AP and Telangana Students

The SCERT in Hyderabad (For AP and Telangana states) has released blue print and model question papers of Maths subject for 10th Class / SSC students to be implemented from the academic year 2014-15. The model question paper is for summative assessment of the candidates, as per the new syllabus and pattern fo the examination.

10th Class Maths Model papers are given in English and Telugu mediums. Students can download the question papers and blue prints. Summative assessment is for 80 marks.

Formative assessment is for 20 marks. This will be done by the class teachers of the concerned school, as per the instructions given by the Government.

There are objective type questions, 1 mark questions, 2 marks, 4 marks questions and also 1/2 mark questions in bit paper. Candidates will be given 15 minutes time to go through the question paper. Following is the SSC / Tenth Class Maths model question paper and blue print:

10th Class Maths Model Papers and Blue Print 2014-15 for AP and Telangana Students

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29 thoughts on “10th Class Maths Model Papers and Blue Print 2014-15 for AP and Telangana Students”

  1. Its not a correct way of setting papers
    First Paper is always comes these chapters : Real No.s, Set, Polynomials, Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations , Progressions and Mensuration
    Second Paper is always comes in these chapters : Similar triangles, Tangents and Secants to a circleCo-ordinate Geometry, Trigonometry and applications, Statistics , Probability,
    This is the correct way to set the papers.
    I suggest the government of Telangana to check these once again

  2. respected sir, iam vikas studing in 10th sir i request to send the 10th new model paper pattern of year 2014-2015 sir, please send it i’am requesting you,i will wait for your answer
    thanking you.

  3. The maths was a tough one.The batch of 2013 was not given this CCE pattern because it was new to them and they couldn’t study that pattern in just 6 months.The text books were new for 9&8 of 2013 so they can understand the CCE pattern.

    The five bits were given to them,

    1) problem solving/conceptual understanding

    2) reasoning and proof

    3) communications

    4) connections

    5) visualization & representation

    They studied that pattern and even got that mind mapping and in question papers too the questions were given from reader.

    In question paper the question were of there conceptual understanding and even dumb students had interest of studying them because these questions of this concept were given to them in exams.

    But the SA 1 paper shocked them as they weren’t expecting these type of questions.

    My questions is if the government wanted to give them this type of questions they would have given them in 9 & 8 classes , so that studentscould prepare them selves.

    Isn’t this pattern new for 2014 10 class? First the SA 1 was late and for board only 3 months are left , how can they expect the children to study this pattern in just 3 months???

    Please give answer to my question as soon as possible .

    • Yes you are absolutely true.
      SSC 2013-14 patter was from 20 years …..
      But now we students have only 3 more months for our final exams
      How can we be prepared for our exams ?
      Can any one please give any suggestions for being prepared for our exams ?
      plzz reply ??

  4. Dear sir,
    kindly send me all subjects previous five years state board exam question papers for practice.please request to you kindly send in urgant basis.


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