Tenth English (Telugu Medium) Important Questions AP

Important Questions and Answers (Paper-II, Part-A)
Q. Why did the people of Venice love and respect Antonio?
A. Antonio was popular among the poor by extending them his help. He lent money to them free of interest. So the people of Venice loved and respected him.
Q. Who was Bassanio? Why was he always in need of money?
A. Bassanio, Antonio’s best friend, was a noble. He was a care- free young man who spent more than he had and so he was always in need of money.
Q. Why did Shylock hate Antonio?
A. Antonio lent money to the poor free of interest and so he got a good name. Shylock thought it would spoil his own business. So he hated Antonio.
Q. ‘Portia’s bridegroom was to be chosen through a test’. What was the test? (or) How would Portia choose a husband, according to her father’s will?
A. According to the test willed by Portia’s father, the bridegroom was to be chosen. There were three caskets: gold, silver and lead; the person had to choose the right casket to become Portia’s husband.
Q. What made Nerissa believe that the lottery of the caskets would bring Portia a good husband?
A. The lottery of the caskets was the idea of Portia’s father who was a virtuous man. So Nerissa believed that Portia would get a good husband.
Q. Who was Jessica? What kind of girl was she?
A. Jessica was Shylock’s only daughter. Unlike her father, she was sweet- natured and lovable. Q. What did Shylock do when he learnt that his daughter had run away?
A. When Shylock learnt that his daughter had run away, he ran through the streets like a mad man shouting “I lost my money, I lost
Q. How did Shylock justify his decision to take revenge on Antonio?
A. Shylock justified his decision to take revenge on Antonio saying that Antonio always insulted him and spoilt his business.
Q. Why did portia want Bassanio to delay choosing the casket?
A. Portia wanted Bassanio to delay choosing the casket so that she could have his company for some more time.
Q. Why was Antonio arrested and thrown into prison?
A. Antonio, who stood guarantee for the debt, had failed to pay money within three months. When Shylock registered a case with the
court, for claiming his money, Antonio was arrested and thrown into prison.
Q. What appeal did the Duke make to Shylock? What was Shylock’s reply?
A. The Duke appealed to Shylock to show mercy on Antonio and give up his claim for the pound of flesh. Shylock replied that he wanted the bond to be executed and accordingly he would have what was due to him.
Q. What did Portia do to save Antonio?
A. Portia took the advice of Dr. Bellario and put on a lawyer’s dress and hurried to Venice. She argued the case in the court against
Shylock to save Antonio.
Q. Why do you think Portia first argued in favour of Shylock?
A. Portia wisely argued in favour of Shylock in the beginning. She wanted to find out whether his intention in lending money to Antonio was fair or not.
Q. What did Portia say about ‘mercy’?
A. Portia said that mercy is a divine gift and it is not forced on any one. We pray to God for mercy, so also it is our duty to show in others.
Q. How did the quarrel between Portia and Bassanio end?
A. Portia had a quarrel with Bassanio over the ring. However, Antonio intervened and pacified Portia. Thus, their quarrel ended.
Q. What was the gift that Lorenzo and Jessica got?
A. Lorenzo and Jessica would inherit the property of Shylock at the time of his death.
Q. What good news did Portia bring for Antonio?
A. Portia brought the good news about his ships to Antonio. She told him that his ships had reached Venice with a large wealth safely.

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