Super 30 Entrance Syllabus for Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Following is the syllabus prescribed for Super 30 (Ramanujan School of Mathematics) Entrance examination for admission into IIT JEE Advanced coaching. Super 30 is a not for profit organistion run by Anand Kumar in Patna. Super 30 offers free coaching for meritorious and eligible poor students. Following is the syllabus for Super 30 entrance test in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. There will be 30 questions from each subject in the exam.

Super 30 Anand


1) Basic Mathematics: Real Numbers, Modulus of a real number, greatest integer of a real number and other basic facts of elementary mathematics.

2) Algebra: Complex numbers, Quadratic Equations, Arithmetic, Geometric And Harmonic Progressions, Permutations and combinations, Binomial Theorem, Matrices and deterinant.

3) Probability: Simple Probability

4) Trigonometry: Identities, Properties of triangle and trigonometric equations and their solutions.

5) Analytical Geometry: Two dimentions, Cartesian Coordinates, Locus Problems, Straight Line, Circle, Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola.

6) Differential Calculus: Function, limit, continuity, derivative of a function, geometrical interpretation of the derivative, tangents and normals, increasing and decreasing functions, maximum and minimum values of a function, Rolles’ theorem and Lagrange’s Mean Value Theorem.

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Rest and Motion, The Forces, Newton’s Laws of motion, Friction, Circular Motion, Work and energy, centre of mass, linear momentum, rotational mechanics, gravitation, simple harmonic motion, fluid mechanics, some mechanical properties of matter, wave motion and waves on a string, heat and temparature, calorimetry, laws of thermodynamics, specific heat capacities of gases, heat transfer.


Structure of atom, periodic table, chemical bonding, states of matter, gases and liquid, thermo dynamics, chemical equillibrium, chemistry of s-block elements, chemistry of p-block elements, basic organic chemistry, chemistry of hydrocarbons.

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