10th Class Physics Important Questions and Answers – 1 Mark Questions for AP and Telangana Exams

Following are important 1 mark questions from Physical Sciences (Physics) subject for AP 10th Class examinations. The questions and answers are also useful for Telangana 10th Class Board examinations. The questions are covered all the topics. Students can go through these questions and practice for better marks in the exam. Answers have to be to the point and brief as per the assigned marks.

SSC – Physics Important Questions and Answers – 1 Mark Questions

Q: How do you appreciate the role of esters in everyday life?

A: Artificial perfumes are made with esters. I appreciate the role of esters in everyday life because they are used in making artificial flavours and essences used in icecreams, sweets,, cool drinks etc.

Q: What is the reason for using Tungsten as a filament in an electric bulb?

A: Tungsten has high resistivity and melting point. So it is considered suitable for using as a filament in an electric bulb.

Q: Which principle is used in laws of reflection?

A: Light selects the path which takes the least time to travel. This principle was given by Pierre de Fermat, which is used in the laws of reflection.

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Q: What is the functional group present in CH3COOH? How do you test that group?

A:  The functional group present in CH3COOH is carboxylic acid.  If sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) is added to CH3COOH, there will be quick effervescence with the release of carbondioxide.

Q: Why is it difficult to remove an electron from Mg+ ion compared to neutral Mg atom?

A: The atomic number of Magnesium is 12. It means it has 12 protons in its nucleus and 12 electrons in its electronic shells. For Magnesium ion Mg+, only 11 electrons are present in electronic shells and 12 protons are present in the nucleus. These protons attract the electrons and so is difficult to remove an electron from Mg+ compared to Mg atom.

Q: What remedy do you suggest when your friend is suffering from acidity?

A: I suggest my friend to take a mild base like milk of magnesia. The acidity is due to excess of acid released in the stomach which can be neutralized by milk of magnesia.

Q: Why do we call alkanes as Paraffins?

A:  Alkanes are saturated Hydrocarbons with least reactivity. So they are called Paraffins: (Parum = little, affins = affinity).

Q: Name the simplest ketone and write its molecular formula.

A: The simplest ketone is Di-methyl ketone (Propanone). Its molecular formula is CH3COCH3.

Q: Which rule is violated in the electronic configuration of 1s0 2s2 2p4?

A: Aufbau principle is violated in the electronic configuration of 1s0 2s2 2p4. According to Aufbau principle electron enters into orbital of lowest energy. As 1s is having the lowest energy it must be filled with electrons before the electron enters 2s.

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Q: Based on following electronic configuration choose the atom forms an ion. Give reasons.

  1. i) Electronic configuration of A: 1s2 2s2 2p6
  2. ii) Electronic configuration of B: 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s1

A: A has a stable electronic configuration. So it cannot form an ion.  B has one electron in the 3rd shell. It can loose this electron to form a positive ion.

Q: Two students while walking on the road in the afternoon found image of water on the road. When they went near nothing was found. Guess what could be the reason for this.

A:  They saw the mirage due to total internal reflection. The illusion is due to virtual image of the sky (mirage) and an inverted image of tree on the road.

Q: While drinking water, Rama spilled some water on the floor. After sometime the water disappeared on the floor. What happened to the water?

A: The water disappeared due to evaporation. Evaporation is a surface phenomenon. If the surface area is increased, the rate of evaporation is also increased.

Q: Draw the diagram of a lens which will be recommended by an eye doctor to a long – sighted patient.

A: The doctor will recommend the longsighted patient to use a double convex lens to correct his eye defect.

Q: Take some water in a test tube and add concentrated H2SO4 to it. Shake the test tube well. If you touch the bottom of the test tube, you feel it as hot. Now instead of H2SO4 , if you add NaOH pellets to water in another test tube and touch the bottom what do you observe?

A: When concentrated H2SO4 is added to water in the test tube heat is liberated as the reaction of acid with water is exothermic.

When NaOH pellets are added to water in the test tube heat is liberated and if we touch the bottom of the test tube, we feel it hot. This is also because of exothermic reaction.

Q: On adding dilute Hydro chloric acid to Copper oxide powder, the solution formed is blue green. Write the new compound formed.

A: When dil. HCl is added to Copper oxide powder Copper chloride (CuCl2) is formed.

CuO + 2 HCl  → CuCl2 + H2O is the Chemical equation for this reaction.

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