Super 30 Entrance Exam – Tips by Ex-Student

A student of Ramanujan School of Mathematics, known as Super 30 Patna shares his experience of facing Super 30 entrance examination. Many students worry about the nature of questions and keep searching for previous question papers and model papers.

Focus on the syllabus:

But the ex-student of Super 30 says that the candidate need to stick to the syllabus. When you fill the application form of Super 30, you will be provided with syllabus. You can take that syllabus and prepare well for the exam.

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He also says there is no reason to worry about the sample or model papers. The syllabus includes only Class 11th of CBSE. The examination will be in two rounds.

1st Round Exam:

First round examination consists of 30 questions. 10 questions each will be asked from Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. All the questions are a single correct type. Duration of the exam was 1 hour or 1.5 hours. But most of the times, questions are easy and tests basics of the subject.

2nd Round Exam:

Second round of exam consists of a total of 90 questions. 30 questions will be asked from Physics, Chemistry and Maths. All the questions are multiple choice and single answer type. Duration of the test will be 3 hours. Remember that both the exams are aimed at elimination and selection of candidates for final selection.

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