SSC Social Studies Important Questions and Answers – AP and Telangana

Question: 70% of our surface water resources are polluted. Why?
(Reflection on Contemporary Issues and Questions)

Answers: Surface of water pollution occurs due to discharge of pollutants in the water bodies without any treatment to remove harmful compounds. Water pollution adversely affects not only aquatic plants and animals, but it also affects human beings and ecosystems.

1) Urban source contributes water pollutants such as sewage and garbage.
2) Industrial effluents from the industries.
3) Various types of chemicals used in the chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.
4) Washing of animals, clothes etc.
5) Dumping solid wastes and littering by humans, in rivers, lakes and oceans.
6) Oil pollution caused by oil spills from tankers, oil does not dissolve in water and forms a thick sludge.
7) Acid rains also pollute the surface of water.
8) Fallout of radioactive substances is a very dangerous source of water pollution.


How would it help if there was a government river basin authority for over all planning of water use? (Appreciations and Sensitivity)

Answer: There are so many conflicts regarding the use of water in between the states, regions for different uses.
1) The river basin authority measuring the quantum of water.
2) Explain the importance of water usage.
3) Allocation of water, among the states based on the rules and regulations.
4) Board can control the waste of water.
5) Distributing water for drinking and domestic purpose.
6) The board can estimate the annual rainfall, storage, and annual flow.
7) Water conservation activities are encouraged.
8) Based on the quantum of water, the board can suggest the kinds of crops cultivation.
9) Encroachment of public lands for cultivation can be controlled.


What are the different conflicts in the use of water for Tungabhadra river basin? (Reflection on Contemporary Issues and Questions)

Answer: There are various conflicts in the use of water in Tungabhadra river basin are:
1) Tungabhadra is the major tributary of the Krishna river.
2) It was constructed and it was the joint venture of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
3) The height and the water storage capacity of the river is the apple of discard between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
4) Tribunals have given judgements on the water sharing proportions between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
5) But it is still a burning water dispute between the states.

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