12000 Teaching Posts Vacancies in KV Schools

Government of India has announced that there are12,000 teaching posts vacant in Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) across the country. The maximum vacancies are in Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. Apart from these, about 9,000 teachers are working on contract basis in KVs.

State-wise vacancies: Tamil Nadu: 1162 posts; Madhya Pradesh: 1066 posts; and Karnataka: 1006 posts.

Union Minister of state for education Annapurna Devi has given these details as part of a discussion in Lok Sabha on 25th August 2022. The minister has announced the statistics of vacant and contract posts. Apart from these, a total of 9,161 teachers have been engaged in KVs across the country on contractual basis to facilitate the continuation of class room teaching.

Her statement is as follows:

There are 12,044 teaching posts and 1,332 non-teaching posts lying vacant in Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country. The vacancies arise due to transfer, retirement from time to time. Filling up of vacancies is a continuous process and efforts are made to fill up the vacancies as per the provisions of the relevant recruitment rules. Teachers are also engaged on contractual basis for temporary duration by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) to ensure that the teaching-learning process is not hampered.

253 Supernumerary Posts in AP Degree Colleges

The government has sanctioned 253 supernumerary posts in aided degree colleges for teaching, non-teaching staff salaries and other adjustments for merger with government degree colleges.

These include 23 principal, 31 teaching and 199 non-teaching posts. GO 17 was released on April 20 by J. Shyamala Rao, Chief Secretary, Higher Andhra Pradesh Education Department. Owners of 125 aided colleges have agreed to merge their staff with the government as per an earlier policy decision by the state government. Of these, 895 were teaching staff and 1,120 were non-teaching staff.

864 of the teaching staff have been adjusted to the vacant Clear Vacancy posts in various degree colleges. The remaining 31 were sent to newly sanctioned colleges. However they were appointed there in posts not yet sanctioned. Also the 23 principals who merged in the government were not given any posting as there were no vacancies.

921 of the non-teaching staff were adjusted in clear‌ vacancies. The government sanctioned the posts after the college education commissioner proposed that 23 principals, along with the remaining 199 non-teaching staff, and 31 teaching-staff posts need super-numerical posts.

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