Artificial Intelligence Courses after B.Sc Electronics – Career Counselling

Artificial Intelligence is an emerging field of education. It is in great demand as many MNCs are doing research in AI. A reader from Bangalore asked the following question:

I am studying B.Sc. Electronics. I would like to pursue career in Artificial Intelligence. Is it possible and what courses I should join to realise my dream?

Answer: Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence are in forefront in making the human life more comfortable. New technologies are making the life more satisfying, time saving and contented.

For example, technologies such as smart kitchen, driver less cars, robotics, machine learning have revolusionised the human life and also challenging the intellect of humans.

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Coming to your question, Artificial Intelligence is studied in collaboration with disciplines such as computer science, statistics, machine learning, deep learning, robotis, management etc.


Reputed offline and online institutions such as IIITs, Greatlakes, Upgrade, Udemi, CourseEra etc are offering short term courses in Artificial Intelligence. Many MNCs are offering job opportunities for AI students.

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