AP Grama Sachivalayam Agriculture Assistant – Part B Previous Questions

Following are the previous questions related to Village Agriculture Assistant (VAA) asked in the exams conducted in 2019. The questions are related to PART – B of Agriculture subject. Part B is very important as it is for 100 marks and related to the core subject. More questions and online exams are available. See details below.

Rural Marketing Network e-Chaupal was initiated by

  1. Dabur
  2. ITC
  3. Hindustan Lever
  4. Procter and Gamble
    ANSWER: 2
AP Grama Sachivalayam Agriculture Assistant

Drying is a process of

  1. Heat Transfer
  2. Mass Transfer
  3. Heat and Mass Transfer
  4. Momentum Transfer
    ANSWER: 3

Eutrophication means

  1. growing of eucalyptus in tropics
  2. enrichment of natural bodies of water with nutrients
  3. siltation of water bodies
  4. cultivation of plants in water
    ANSWER: 2
Grama Sachivalayam Women Police and Child Welfare Assistant Mock Tests

The term Dark Area refers to

  1. Area suffering from darkness
  2. area suffering from non availability of gas
  3. area suffering from non availability of groundwater
  4. area suffering from non availability of foodgrains
    ANSWER: 3

Carbon requirement of plants is met by absorbing

  1. Carbon from soil minerals
  2. Carbon from soil organic matter
  3. Carbon dioxide from atmosphere
  4. all of the above
    ANSWER: 3

National Watershed Development Programme for Rainfed Areas (NWDPRA) was initiated in the year

  1. 1976-77
  2. 1986-87
  3. 1996-97
  4. 1966-67
    ANSWER: 1/2/3/4

The microorganisms group that shares more in terms of number in soils is

  1. bacteria
  2. fungi
  3. protozoa
  4. nematodes
    ANSWER: 1

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The best approach to minimize the problem of weed shift is

  1. repeated use of the same herbicide
  2. rotating the use of herbicides
  3. using low dose of same herbicides
  4. use of high volume sprayers
    ANSWER: 2

Crop bound and crop associated weeds can be effectively controlled by

  1. monocropping
  2. setline cultivation
  3. crop rotation
  4. thick sowing
    ANSWER: 3

On a day of high rainfall, ponding of water occurs sooner on the following soil

  1. sandy laom
  2. clay loam
  3. saline sandy loam
  4. alkali clay loam
    ANSWER: 4

A short duration crop grown in between two main crops is termed as

  1. cash crop
  2. catch crop
  3. relay crop
  4. companion crop
    ANSWER: 2

Initial seed from improved variety is called

  1. breeder seed
  2. foundation seed
  3. nucleus seed
  4. certified seed
    ANSWER: 3

The process of removal os husk in rice is known as

  1. polishing
  2. hulling
  3. parboiling
  4. winnowing
    ANSWER: 2

The micronutrient needed for N2 fization in legumes is

  1. Fe
  2. Mo
  3. Mn
  4. B
    ANSWER: 2

The following soil type dominates in rainfed areas of Andhra Pradesh.

  1. black cotton soil
  2. red soil
  3. sandy loam
  4. alluvial soil
    ANSWER: 2

Warld water day is observed on the

  1. 22nd of June
  2. 22nd of March
  3. 22nd of October
  4. 22nd of April
    ANSWER: 2

The following is not an approach in micro watershed

  1. soil conservation
  2. soil improvement
  3. soil crusting
  4. water conservation
    ANSWER: 3

Which of the following is not a farming system on the basis of land use and cultural practices?

  1. specialised farming
  2. tenant farming
  3. mixed farming
  4. diversified farming
    ANSWER: 2

The repaying capacity of loan of a farmer is decided on the basis of

  1. Total cultivated area
  2. crops and livestock raised
  3. gross income of farmer
  4. net income of farmer
    ANSWER: 4

The responsibility of seed certification in Andhra Pradesh is vested with the following

  4. ATMA
    ANSWER: 4

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