10th English Important Questions with Answers – Telugu Medium

As 10th class public examinations are round the corner, we are giving model questions for English subject in Telugu Medium. The questions and answers are given for the practice of the SSC students of Andhra Pradesh.

1. How did the king spend his time?
A. The king spent most of his time in making himself appear more handsome. He paid more attention for styling his hair and oiling his body.

2. What change came over the King when he was in forest?
A.A great change came over the King. He learnt about the beauty of the nature. He grew strong, selfless and wise.

3. How did the tamarind drum help the King when he was in forest?
A. The tamarind drum was very helpful to the King. It told the King all its experiences of the past and gave timely advise. (The King
and the tamarind drum)

4. Why was Ivan not very happy with his wife?
A. Ivan was a responsible government official. But his wife, Polya was illiterate. She could not even write her name. So Ivan was not
very happy with her.

5. What was it that made Polya suspicious?
A. The letter was a nice clean one, with a neat handwriting, and smelled of perfume. So it made polya suspicious. She thought it to be
a love letter from a woman. (Polya)

6. What are the methods Bahuguna used to persuade?
A. Bahuguna uses songs, discussions, role plays and mock activities to persuade the children to protect trees. (Chipko)

7. What does each person keep? Why?
A. Each person keeps a list of joyful and memorable things or experiences for his collection. (Unwritten Registry)
II. Read the following passages and answer the questions given.
A. ‘Forgive him’, they begged. ‘He has changed…’ (The king and the tamarind drum)
(i) Who does ‘they’ refer to ?
(ii) Who was the person begged ?
(iii) Who has changed ? How did he change?
B. ‘All right, go ahead’, said Polya. (Polya) (i) Who is Polya?
(ii) What did the speaker agree to do?
(iii) What was the listener to go ahead with?
A. (A) i) The spirits of the trees.
ii) The bad tempered god.
iii) The King; he grew wise and selfless.
B. i) Ivan’s wife.
ii) To learn to read and write.
iii) Teaching her how to read and write.
III. Fill in the blanks with the right prepositions from those given
in the brackets.
1. My father has given ………. smoking. (by, off, up)
2. The policeman caught the thief ………. his arm. (with, by, to)
3. Ivan had no time to orgue ………. his wife. (to, for, with)
4. She accepted ………. my proposal. (to, for, over)
5. What are you looking ………. ? (for, about, on)
6. Don’t think ………. the matter so seriously. (above, over, with)

ANSWERS: 1) up 2) by 3) with 4) to 5) for 6) over.

IV. Choose the right words from those given in brackets and fill in the blanks.
1. The miser was ………. about the safety of his money.
(eager, excited, anxious)
2. ‘What is the ………. of the pen, please?’
(rate, cost, value)
3. Most of us feel ………. in the company of strangers.
(unhappy, uneasy, unconcerned)
4. We called for a ………. to repair the tap.
(plumber. mason. mechanic)
5. My friend often says, “Don’t …. , I’m here?
(afraid, fear, frightened)
6. My Headmaster is a strict ………. (disciplarian, obedient, intellectual)

Answers: 1) anxious 2) cost 3) uneasy 4) plumber 5) fear 6) disciplinarian

V. Complete the following passage using appropriate words, chosen from those given.
Suhasuini hails ………. (1) a middleclass family………. (2) has three daughters ………. (3) whom Lavanya is the eldest ………. (4) the others are Meghana and Ramya. However, she has emerged herself ………. (5) a very successful mother.
(1) a) to b) with c) from d) by
(2) a) He b) she c) It d) who
(3) a) of b) from c) for d) but
(4) a) so b) because c) but d) and
(5) a) with b) by c) as d) like.

Answers: 1) c 2) b 3) a 4) d 5) c.

VI. ‘Match the parts of sentences under ‘A’ with those in ‘B’
1. Now that the vaca- ( ) a) …unless he is -tions have started.. given a warning.
2. Abhinav won’t do ( ) b) …while getting home work … into the train.
3. If I had known ( ) c) … you have to your addres,… concentrate on studies.
4. Lock the main ( ) d) … I’d have gate properly… dropped a letter.
5. I Lost my money ( ) e) …otherwise thieves purse… may break in.
Answers: 1) c 2) a 3) d 4) e 5) b.

VII. Study the following pairs of sentences and answer the questions.
A: a) Manga always puts in a lot of hard work.
b) Ganga always puts off any hard work.
Q. Who is lazy, manga or Ganga?

B. a) My mother called for the servant.
b) My father called on the servant.
Q. Who call the servant?

Answers: A. Ganga B. Father.

VIII. Rewrite the following sentences in Passive form.
1. We speak English all over the world.
2. Keep quite, please.
3. Bolt the door behind you.
4. Who invented aeroplane?
5. I will return your book in a week.
6. Mother has finished cooking.

Answers: 1. English is spoken all over the world.
2. You are requested to keep quiet.
3. Let the door be bolted behind you.
4. By whom was the aeroplane invented?
5. Your book will be returned in a week.
6. Cooking has been finished by mother.

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