10th Class Biology – Important Questions for 1 Mark, 2 Marks and 4 Marks

Following are important questions from Biology subject for SSC public examinations in AP and Telangana States. Students can practice these questions for scoring good marks in public examinations. Students are advised to concentrate on 4 marks questions as they are useful in answering 1 mark and 2 marks questions as well.

10th Public Exams in Hyderabad

1 Mark Important Questions:

1. What are the end products of light reaction?
2. How do parasitic plants get their food from the hosts?
3. What is meant by cellular respiration?
4. What is glycolysis?
5. How is trachea prevented from collapsing?
6. What is the function of epiglottis?
7. Name the structures that are present in veins and lymph ducts and absent in arteries.
8. What is meant by cardiac cycle?
9. What is double circulation?
10. What do you mean by ‘edema’?
11. What are the main parts present in Nephron?
12. Which is the most poisonous of all waste products of metabolic activities?
13. What is contraception?
14. What are the stages in urine formation?
15. What is called mastication?
16. What is allele?
17. What is genetic drift?
18. What is meant by dominant and recessive traits?
19. What are the reasons for the decline of ground water?
20. What is bio-diversity?

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2 Marks Important Questions:

1. How do you appreciate the mechanism of respiration in our body?
2. Write the differences between respiration and combustion.
3. Why does a deep sea diver carry oxygen cylinder on his back?
4. What is the largest artery in our body? Why is it so big?
5. Differentiate between systole and diastole.
6. If we sit on the floor, folding our legs for a longer time, we feel heaviness in our legs feel like piercing with needles etc. What might be the reasons for such experiences?
7. How do plants manage waste products in their body?
8. Urine is slightly thicker in summer than in winter. Give reasons.
9. What is the role of Adrenaline hormone?
10. Draw a flow chart of reflex arc.
11. What would be the consequences if there is no meiosis in organisms that produce sexually?
12. ‘All unicellular organisms undergo only mitotic cell division during unfavourable conditions’. Do you support this statement?
13. Write the differences between chyme and bolus.
14. How do you appreciate stomach as a churning machine?
15. What is called evolution? Mention the evidences of evolution.
16. How do you differentiate divergent evolution and convergent evolution?
17. What are the reasons for global warming? How to reduce effects of global warming?
18. What do you understand about ‘Bio – accumulation’ and ‘Bio – magnification’?

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4 Marks Important Questions:

1. What experiment do you conduct to prove that light is essential for photosynthesis?
2. Respiration in living organisms is an amazing fact. How do you appreciate the process of release of energy during respiration?
3. What is hypertension/high B.P.? Write symptoms and preventive measures.
4. Show the path of excretion in human excretory system through a block diagram.
5. What type of habits will you adopt for proper functioning of your kidneys?
6. ‘Which is the structural and functional unit of nervous system’? Write its structure
with the help of a diagram.
7. Write the differences between Asexual reproduction and Sexual reproduction.
8. Write reasons for the following.
a) We can taste the food by pressing the tongue against palate.
b) Taste cannot be identified when the food is hot.
c) We feel hungry when glucose level decreases in the blood.
d) Small intestine is tube like and coiled.
9. Write some friendly ecosystem activities what you will conduct in your school.
10. What are the secondary metabolites of plants? What are their uses? (or) ‘Plants give not only food but also useful waste materials’. Justify this statement with evidences.
11. ‘Animals were shown to have the ability to respond to stimuli even when the brain was removed’ – Comment.
12. What is meant by peristalsis? How does it help in the movement of food from mouth to stomach?
13. Darwin proposed the theory ‘survival of the fittest’. Give some examples that you observe in your surroundings.
14. Variations are helpful to organisms. Support this statement.

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