Tenth Maths Model Questions and Bits

1. Prove that the lengths of the two tangents drawn from an
external point to a circle are equal.
2. Find the co-ordinates of the centroid of the triangle whose vertices are (-4, 4), (-2, 2) and (6,12)
3. One end of the diameter of a circle is (3, 2) and the centre is
(0, 0). Find the co-ordinates of the other end of the diameter.
4. The observations of a grouped data are x1, x2 and 2×1 and
x1 < x2 < 2 x1. If the mean and median of the data are each equal to 6. Find the observations. 5. What is a Flow-Chart? 6. Write down the sequence of steps that are to be adopted to solve any given problem by using a computer. 7. State The Basic proportionality Theorem. 8. Find the slope of the line perpendicular to the line 5x-2y+4=0 9. Find the arithmetic mean of first n natural numbers. 10. Expand C.P.U. 11. State and prove the converse of Pythogerean theorm. 12. Find the area of triangle enclosed between the co-ordinate axes and the line passing through (8,-3) and (-4,12) 13. Find the equation of the line passing through (4, 3) and making intercepts on the coordinate axes whose sum is -1. 14. Using matrix inversion method, solve the equations 2x + 5y -11 = 0 and 4x -3y -9 = 0. 15. Gopal purchased a radio set for Rs. 500 and sold it for Rs. 600. Execute a flow chart using this data to determine the percentage of gain or loss. Bits

I 1. Two circles touch externally, then the number of their common
tangents is
(A) 1 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 2
2. The A.M. of a+2, a, a-2 is
(A) a+2 (B) a (C) a-2 (D) 3a
3. A minute hand of a table clock is 3 cm long, How far its tip
move in 20 minutes
(A) 3 cm (B) 9 cm (C) 22 / 7 cm (D) 44 / 7 cm [ ]
4. Vaccum tubes are used in generation computers.
(A) fourth (B) first (C) second (D) Third [ ]

II. Fill in the blanks with suitable answers.
5. The slope of the line joining the points (2, -5) and (8, 1) is
6. The number of circles drawn through three non-collinear
points is —-
7. The mode of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 6 is —–
8. An example for input unit is —–
9. All the parts of a computer are controlled by —-
10. If the transpose of a given matrix is equal to its additive
inverse, that matrix is called —-

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