10th Class English Important Questions – Telangana SSC Exams

10th Class students should be aware of academic standards and weightage to various sections in English subject in order to score good marks. Paper 1 is completely based on the textbook and Paper 2 is based on out of text content. Following are some important questions in English subject for Telnagana 10th class students.

Each paper will have 3 sections. These are A, B and C. For Paper 1, students should read the textbook thoroughly and understand the lesson. For Paper 2, students are expected to read newspapers, stories and grammar to score well in all the sections. See important questions below:

10th Class CCE Pattern English Tips on Creative Writing Section – For AP and TS Students

There are two discourses to be written viz., Major Discourse and Minor Discourse. The following items may be asked under this section- Essay / Narration, Biography, Speech on a specific topic, Letter- formal or
informal, Notice writing, Diary writing, Debating, Writing Invitation card,
Description of a place / incident / event, Play script, Interview, Personal profile, Poster, Conversation, Review, etc.

In writing discourses, you should be careful about the three main fields, the theme, the content and the format.

Mind that if you enjoy reading various texts, you will definitely fare the questions efficiently. Let’s take up debating and arguing as a discourse, you have to follow a set of rules.

Do’s: Firstly, you need two teams: The proposition team and the opposition team.

Then you need something to argue. This is called motion. The proposition team starts. The first speaker has to declare what the motion is about. The opposition team goes next. The other speakers take turns.

The last speaker on each team has to sum up their team’s main argument.

How to write a Play Script?

A script is a piece of writing in the form of drama. A script consists of dialogue – what the characters say, and Stage directions- instructions to the actors and director.

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