10th Class Social Studies Bits – Practice Test 1

The following online exam is useful for the self assessment of students studying 10th class in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We are giving 30 objective type questions from Social Studies subject. START the test to proceed with questions and submit after completion. You can check your score after submitting the test.

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10th Class Social Studies for AP and TS – Important Questions for 4 Marks

Following are the important 4 marks questions for SSC / 10th Class public exams in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States. The questions covers entire syllabus of the social studies subject. Students can practice the answers for self assessment.

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1. Plateau regions in India do not support agriculture as much as the plain regions. Which are the reasons for thus?
2. What is the influence of the Himalayas on Indian Agriculture?

3. What main criterion is used by the World Bank in classifying different countries, what are the limitations of above criterion, if any?
4. How is the service sector different from other sectors, illustrate with few examples.
5. How is climate change causing global warming? Suggest measures to minimise the influence of global warming?

6. Which aspects of Farming Practices are regulated in the context of Hiware bazaar to improve water conservation?
7. Define site features and situation features. Give one example for each from the place you live in?
8. Suggest any four remedial measures to prevent the formation of Urban Slums?
9. How does Indian Judiciary work to implement food security?
10. In the Himalayas wouldn’t have been situated where they are how would the climatic conditions of the Indian Subcontinent be?

11. What kind of environmental problems did the spread of green revolution create? what lesson does this have for the future?
12. Compare and contrast the migration from rural to urban area and rural to rural area?
13. Supposing you find two people arguing one is saying that globalisation has hurt our country’s development. The other is telling globalisation is helping India develop. How would you respond to these arguments?
14. Discuss how does literacy impact development?
15. Prepare a pamphlet on population control?

16. How did Human life styles change with settlement?
17. Write a letter to the Tasildar about irregular functioning of ration shop in your area?
18. “Construction of big dams leads to environmental problems”. Read this and interpret.
19. For the tribal people, livelihood, cultural practices and social relations are deeply connected to the local environment. Can
you explain the reasons for this.
20. Rapid extractions of minerals and other natural resources would adversely impact the future development prospects. Do you agree.
21. Why are the wages for form labourers in Rampur less than minimum wages?

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