Negative Marks in Telangana Constables Recruitment 2022

Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board (TSLPRB) has introduced negative marks in the Constables recruitment 2022. There will be 20% negative marks for each wrong answer. The announcement made by TSLPRB has mentioned the following:

For each question, the Candidate shall be awarded full marks, assigned to that question, if he / she darkened only one bubble that corresponds to the correct answer. In case the Candidate has not darkened any bubble, the Candidate shall be awarded zero mark for that question. In all other cases, 20% of full marks shall be awarded as negative mark for that question

It means that if each correct answer carry 1 mark, and wrong answer gives -0.2 marks. So, for each 5 wrong answers, the candidates will be loosing 1 mark from his correct answers. Given this, candidates are advised to be cautious of attempting questions which are not sure of answers.

See details of Constables Online Exams / Mock Tests (Grand Tests):

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