10th Class Social Studies Bits – Practice Test 1

The following online exam is useful for the self assessment of students studying 10th class in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We are giving 30 objective type questions from Social Studies subject. START the test to proceed with questions and submit after completion. You can check your score after submitting the test.

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AP and TS – 10th Class Social Studies Important Questions – 1 Mark Questions with Answers

Following are 10th Class important questions from Social Studies. The questions are in CCE pattern with answers. These are given for 1 mark and very very important questions. AP and Telangana 10th class / SSC students can use these questions for their final exams preparation.

Important Questions (1 Mark)

1. How does the rivers useful to human life?
2. Write any two slogans to create awareness among the people about the importance of water conservation.
3. What are the four bans imposed in Hiware Bazar?
4. Give two suggestions to eradicate the gender discrimination?
5. Why are the wages for farm labourers in Rampur less than minimum wages?
6. Write non-agricultural activities in your region.
7. Distinguish between foreign trade and foreign investment.
8. What is Globalisation?
9. How is the mid – day meal programme useful for school children?
10. What is called Buffer Stock?
11. What are the famous valleys of Lesser Himalayas?
12. What is the time in India when the time is 8 AM in London?
13. What is Dun? Give an example.
14. Why did the Delta regions develop in agriculture?
15. What are the different names of Shivalik ranges in different regions?
16. Write different ranges in the Himalayas.
17. What is the difference between National Income and Per capita Income?
18. What are the main reasons for the decrease in death rate in the last decade in India?
19. What are the issues that are more important than income?
20. What are the reasons for the decreasing rate of working people in Agricultural sector?
21. What the factors are influencing the climate?
22. In what way deforestation influences global warming?
23. Classify the Monsoons in India.
24. What is ‘onset of monsoon’?
25. What is ‘Western Disturbances’?
26. What is meant by sustainable development?
27. What is a settlement?

Questions with Answers:

AP SSC 1 mark questions 10th important questions

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