AP Tenth Class English Practice Questions and Answers

2 Marks Questions
Q: Why did Schwamm decide to spend the night at the hotel?
A: Schwamm wanted to make his son happy by taking the early train the next day and waving back at him. Therefore, he came into town and decided to spend the night at the hotel because it was quite late at night and he would not get better accommodation elsewhere.

Q: What was the reason for the strange behaviour of Mr. Schwamm’s son?
A: Every morning on his way to school, Schwamm’s son had to wait at the railway crossing for the early morning train to go by. Besides, he used to wave at the passengers continuously. But no one ever waved back. This was the reason for the boy’s unhappiness and strange behaviour. In Celebration Of Being Alive

Q: How did Dr. Bernard react to the accident that he and his wife had? (OR) Why was Dr. Bernard angry? Was he thinking of his own comfort or something else? What does this tell us about him?
A: Dr. Bernard reacted sharply to the accident. He said, “Why should this happen to us?” It resulted in their hospitalization. He was filled with agony, fear and anger since he had to operate on his patients, and his wife had to look after their young baby. Dr. Bernard was thinking of something else other than his own comfort. This tells us that he was very considerate to others.

Q: What is the lesson that Dr.. Bernard learned from the two children? (OR)
“Suddenly I realised that the two children had given me a profound lesson in getting on with the business of living”. What lesson do you
think Dr. Bernard learnt from the two children?
What do you think is the lesson Dr. Bernard learnt from his two young patients?
A: Dr. Bernard learnt from his two young patients that ‘what you have left’ is more important than ‘ what you have lost’- Further,
he learnt that the business of living is the celebration of being alive. He also learnt that one should get on with the business of living undeterred by the problems of life. On Killing a Tree

Q: Why is it not easy to kill a tree? Is the poet happy about this?
A: It is not easy to kill a tree since its strength lies in the root. Even if the tree is cut and felled, green twigs come out from the root. The tree shoots up again. The poet is not at all happy at killing a tree.

Q: Contrast ‘bleeding bark’ with ‘green twigs’ – What does ‘blood’ represent? What does ‘green’ show? have you noticed the change from death to life?
A: ‘Bleeding bark’ suggests deterioration whereas ‘green twigs’ is suggestive of fresh growth. ‘Blood’ represents death. ‘Green’
shows the life. ‘Green’ and ‘blood’ symbolize the change from death to life.

I. Meanings: Vocabulary (1/2 Mark)
1. Veneration → deep hearted, deep affection, deep respect, deep sympathy
2. Apprehensive → simple, worried, opposite, expensive
3. Augment → increase, decrease, torment, assessment
4. Tenacious → courageous, competitive, precious, firm
5. Malice → curse, novice, spite, flaw
6. Malignant → wicked, dangerous, terrific, simple
7. Elucidate → describe, expect, separate, explain
8. Tranquillity → peace, facility, civility, abundant

II. Appropriate Words (1/2 Mark)
1. Fishes instinctively know how to swim.
a) deliberately b) intentionally c) without training
2. The remarks from his listeners nonplussed the speaker
a) amused b) surprised c) encouraged
3. Everyone was elated when the results were released.
a) happy b) nervous c) angry
4. Sai Abhiram had a hearty breakfast at his house
a) delicious b) simple c) large
5. Nobody doubt his integrity for a moment.
a) wisdom b) honesty c) intimacy
6. Shruthi endeavoured to finish her work on time.
a) tried hard b) hurried c) failed
7. There is an enormous amount of work involved in this project.
a) very difficult b) very less c) very large
8. Mr. Ahmed Pasha, our Principal is a tenacious person.
a) noble b) determined c) courageous
9. Rakesh worked assiduously and managed to get a seat in the medical college.
a) very hard b) carefully c) continuously
10. The villagers of Boath are content with what the govt. have done for them.
a) angry b) worried c) satisfied

I. 1. Veneration → deep respect
2. apprehensive → worried
3. augment → increase
4. tenacious → firm
5. Malice → spite
6. malignant → dangerous
7. elucidate → explain
8. tranquility → peace

II. 1. Instinctively → without training
2. nonplussed → surprised
3. elated → surprised
4. hearty → large
5. integrity → honesty
6. endeavoured → tried hard
7. enormous → very large
8. tenaciously → determined
9. assiduously → very hard
10. content → satisfied.

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