10th Physical Science Bits – Objective Multiple Choice Questions

61. As most of the elements in group 17 (VII A) are obtained from nature as sea salt, they are called as
A) alkali metal family B) chalcogen family
C) halogen Family D) noble gases

62. Actinoids are from …………. to …………..
A) 90Th to 103Lr B) 58Ce to 71Lu
C) 37Rb to 54Xe D) 31Ga to 36Kr

63. Group I (I A) from Li to Fr with outer shell electronic configuration ns1 is called
A) Boron family B) Alkali metal family
C) Oxygen family D) Nitrogen family

64. Group 14 (IV A) family is called
A) Oxygen family B) Nitrogen family
C) Carbon family D) Boron family

65. Valency of Calcium is
A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4

66. Valency of Chlorine is
A) 8 B) 7 C) 2 D) 1

67. Electronic configuration of valence shell of any two elements in a given period
is ………….
A) same B) constant C) not same D) none

68. The number of positive charges (protons) in the atom of an element is called the …………. of the element.
A) atomic weight B) atomic strength C) atomic number D) atomic mass

69. …………. block of elements contains metals, non-metals and metalloids also.
A) s B) p C) f D) d

70. Electron affinity of Fluorine is
A) -295 kJ mol-1 B) -349 kJ mol-1 C) -200 kJ mol-1 D) -328 kJ mol-1


51-C; 52-C; 53-D; 54-A; 55-B; 56-C; 57-A; 58-B; 59-A; 60-C; 61-C; 62-A; 63-B; 64-C; 65-B; 66-D; 67-C; 68-C; 69-B; 70-D.

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