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What are the opportunities after B.Pharmacy

A student asked, I am doing my B. Pharm 2nd year. I wanted to know the information about what is the future of B.Pharm. What are the courses I can enter into after B. Pharmacy. What are the job opportunities for a B. Pharmacy completed student.
- D Srilatha

The major job recruitment in your field is in the area of marketing management in pharmaceutical companies. Though the initial period of 1yr. is bit tough but later on the growth and the pay package is quite good in this field. The other option is to go for higher studies like M.Pharma followed by a Ph.D and you can settle down as researcher in a Govt. institute or a private pharmaceutical company. After completion of your masters you can opt for teaching jobs with a good pay pal. Even in some South East Asian and other countries there is a demand for teaching staffs in the area of pharmacy with a good pay package.

In the coming two decades B.Pharma will have great demand in all aspects both research and academics. For example B.Pharma candidate with MS in US can get a job in insurance sector with lucrative salary rather than a software engineer. His role is to minimize the medical insurance loss. These are grand challenging jobs available in US for Pharma candidates. For design of drugs and insilico research Pharma candidates are more suitable and demand for them is very high in industries in India and abroad. Pharm can sustain any financial recession that is going on world wide. If we take statistics less impact is on Pharma jobs than software jobs in the present scenario. Hence I strongly recommend the biology plus two candidates must opt BPharm in case if they fail in getting MBBS.

In Hyderabad NIPER (Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers Govt India) providing an opportunity to go through two years job oriented program. Similarly NATCO Hitech Institute of advanced pharmaceutical sciences a division of NATCO trust also providing 10 weeks intensive program to Pharma candidates that will cover most relevant topics needed for the industry. It is well designed and structured program for the students. Eminent persons from top pharma industries including officials from Drug control depts will deliver lectures.

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