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VRO – VRA Biology Study Material in Telugu Medium

Following is the Biology study material in Telugu medium for VRO and VRA written examinations. Candidates can download the study material from the link given below:

1) First vaccine to be given to just born children?

2) Medicines founded by Dr. Yallapragada Subba Rao:
A: Tetracycline, Folic Acid, Di Ethyle

3) Head quarters of CSIR is at ....
A: New Delhi

4) The word 'Biology' is derived from...?
A: Greek

5) The Father of Biology is :
A: Aristotle

6) Microbiology is the study of...?
A: Microbes

7) Triple Antigen Vaccine..?

8) ORS means....
A: Oral Rehydration Solution

9) Center for Cellulat and Molecular Biology is located at...
A: Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

10) Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI) is located in...
A: Cuttuck

VRO and VRA - Biology Study Material

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