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VRO and VRA – Economics Study Material and Imporatnt Bits

Economics is also a part of General Studies syllabus in VRO and VRA written examination to be held in Andhra Pradesh in January 2014. The syllabus of Economics includes five year plans, poverty, industrialization, budget, micro and macro economics, production, exchange, distribution, national income etc. Here are some model questions. Study material and model bits for practice are given after these model bits:

1) New Industrial Policy was announced in India in the year.........
A: 1991

2) Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission..........
A) Montek Singh Ahluwalia

3) Duration of 11th Five Year Plan......
A: 2007 - 12

4) FERA means...
A: Forengn Exchange Regulation Act

5) IRDP Means......
A: Integrated Rural Development Programme

6) Present Chairman of Planning Commission of India?
A: Dr. Manmohan Singh

7) Which plan gave importance to Agriculture sector?
A: First Five Year Plan

8) Which plan was introduced two times?
A: 6th five year plan

9) Regional Plans for Rayalaseema and Telangana regions were implemented in the year....?
A: 1970

10) Indian economy is a ......?
A: Mixed economy

11) Planning Commission of India was established in the year....?
A: 1950

12) Main goal of five year plans in India is....
A: Formation of a socialist society

13) Self - reliance in the goal of which five year plan....?
A: Third five year plan

VRO and VRA - Economics Study Material and Bits

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