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Times Higher Education Rankings- IITs, TIFR, IISc, DU, Anna University in Asian Top 100

The Times Higher Education, London (UK) has announced global rankings for world's top 200 universities and educational institutions for the year 2010- 2011. The THE has changed the parameters to decide world rankings from this year. There have been changes in the positions / rankings of various universities and institutes due to the changes in criteria of ranking. From Indian point of view, there are some deletions and new entrants into the list because of new system of rankings. The THE has taken teaching, research, citations, industry income - innovation and international mix as deciding factors in rankings. From India, Brand IITs, TIFR, IISc, Delhi University and Anna University have joined in the top 100 Asian Universities list. But there is no representation from India in the global rankings for 2011.

Well known universities have been ranked based on their reputation for teaching and research. Harvard University has been ranked as the top / number 1 university in the world for the 6th consecutive year. No Indian University has been placed in the global rankings of 200 world class universities. THE has considered following performance indicators for rankings:

1. Teaching: This includes the learning environment (Allocated 30 percent of the overall ranking score)
2. Research: Including volume, income and reputation (30 percent score)
3. Citations: Includes research influence (32.5 percent score)
4. Industry income: Including innovation (2.5 percent of the total score)
5. International mix: Includes staff and students (5 percent of the score).

Till 2009, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) and the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) were figured in the global list of 200 universities. These have disappeared with the introduction of new ranking system. The THE has also published rankings region wise such as Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania and Africa. The Indian Institutes of Technology (Roorkee, Kharagpur, Delhi, Kanpur and Bombay); Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Indian Institute of Science (IISC), University of Delhi (UD) and Anna University (AU) were figured in the top 100 Asian Universities / institutes. THE also publishes rankings in the subjects such as Engineering and Technology, Sciences, Clinical, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities etc.

More details of these rankings and subject and region wise listings available on

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1 thought on “Times Higher Education Rankings- IITs, TIFR, IISc, DU, Anna University in Asian Top 100

  1. myn

    Harvard may be ranked 1st but we all know how all this is done.
    If you see the DOCUMENTARY "INSIDE JOB" on the 2008 subprime crisis and gobal financial meltdown, you will see brilliant Harvard professors who expounded on Iceland's stable economy months before it crashed unable to explain where they got their data from. words like "i don't know, you hear things, you trust what people are saying to you"... (really??, That is the kind of research that Harvard allows for their papers??!)
    Not to mention that these professors were PAID by the Iceland govt. to WRITE these papers claiming all was well!!
    Well, well, well, So who did Harvard pay in turn to always be top of the list then? Plausible is it not???


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