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Studying Bioinformatics after MCA

I completed my M.C.A recently and I want to do bioinformatics. What about the future of the course and how it will provide me the opportunities, and also give the details of the best institutions that are offering the course. I am also trying to do M.Tech bioinformatics in US. Please give your valuable suggestions.
- D. Sai Kiran

The academic background you are having is very supportive to build a career in bioinformatics. Instead of application side you could choose the tool development area. IIIT offers a M.Tech course and that is good syllabus wise or recruitment point of view. You can have a look in the IIIT website for the entrance exams and other details.

Pune university is also counted among the best ranked institute in bioinformatics. U.S, U.K and Germany all are equally good as per as the bioinformatics course teaching quality concerns. So you can choose any of these and opt for the course.

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