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Sr. Inter Chemistry Paper – II Model Questions


Section - A
Very short answer type questions
NOTE: Answer ALLquestions 10 × 2 = 20
1. What do you mean by poly dispersity index?
2. Give the sources and deficiency diseases of vitamins E and K
3. What are polysaccharides? Give two examples.
4. Write one method of preparation of paracetamol.
5. What are tranquilizers? Give two examples.
6. Draw the structures of p4O6 and p4O10.
7. Why is 'NO' is paramagnetic in nature?
8. What is carbyl amine test? How is it useful?
9. Give the composition of alloys (a) German silver (b) Nichrome.

Section - B
Short answer type questions
NOTE: Answer any SIX questions 6 × 4 = 24
11. State Raoult's law. Find the volume of water to be added to
250 ml of 0.05N Na2 CO3 solution to make it 0.01N solution.
12. Derive Bragg's equation for X- rays of wavelength (λ) and
diffraction angle (θ) for an nth order reflection.
13. State and explain Faraday's second law of electrolysis. What
is the ratio of weights of Ag and Al deposited at the respective
cathodes when the same current is passed for same period through aqueous Ag NO3 and Al2 (SO4)3 Solutions.
14. State Hess's law of constant heat summation. Give two applications of it.
15. Explain (a) Ligand isomerism and (b) Hydrate isomerism
16. Give the details of Down's process for the manufacture of
sodium metal.
17. What is catalysis? How is catalysis classified? Give one
example for each.
18. What is a buffer solution? Explain the working of an acid buffer solution.

Section - C
Long answer type questions
Note: Answer any TWO questions 2 × 8 = 16
19. How is bleaching powder prepared industrially? What happens when O3 reacts with (a) Ag2O (b) BaO2 (C) PbS (D) KI
20. What are the main postulates of the collision theory of raaction
rate? Explain the concept of activation energy.
21. Write the method of preparation of ethylalcohol from molasses. Explain the reactions of ethyl alcohol with (a) PCl5 (b) CH3 COOH (C) Conc. H2SO4 at 170οC (d) Na.

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