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Sports Science and Fitness Courses in Abroad

Welcome to the world of fitness courses. With increase of health awareness and changing life styles creating more and more demand for Fitness, Sports Science and Recreation Management courses. So many universities and colleges across the world offering Graduate and Post Graduate courses in these specializations. Indian institutions are in the catching up stage in offering these type of modern courses. Students those willing to take up these course abroad need to clear SAT, TOEFL, IELTS etc depending up on the requirements of the university / college. Following are some well known colleges for fitness courses:

1. University of Tulsa, USA: It offers a three - year B.Sc. programme in exercise and sports science. Students who have taken graduated in athletic training are eligible. The course is designed to allow the student the flexibility to target a specific area of practice. Graduates of this programme receive a degree with a dual major - exercise and sports science and education. For more details, visit

2. University of Salford, UK: It offers a three year full time B.Sc. Honors in applied sports science. One of the best applied sports science programmes in the country and endorsed by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences it gives you access to excellent research and sports facilities. For details, visit

3. The University of Western Australia: This institute offers 3 year B.Sc. in exercise and health. It combines expertise in sport and health science with communication skills and practical experiences to produce a well rounded graduate. Emphasis is given to sports science, school teaching, health promotion and recreation management. Fore more information, view

4. Wheaton College, USA: This college offers 3 year B.Sc. Programme in applied health science. The core of the curriculum is based on life and basic sciences. The aim of the course is to study and understand the use of applied sciences for a healthy and flexible body. For more details, visit

5. Leeds University, UK: This famous university offers a 3 year full time B.Se. Programme in sports and exercise sciences. The course includes a one year study abroad programme that can be taken between your second and final year. Those who have a background in biology, chemistry, maths or physics or both sports science and psychology can apply for this course. For additional info, log on to

6. Ashford University, USA: The institute offers a three year full time B.Sc. in sports and recreation management. The programme prepares professionals for managerial positions in the sport and recreation industry including professional, interscholastic sport, sport/ fitness clubs, sport / athletics equipment merchandising, public, private and commercial recreation programmes, and intramural and recreational sport. Fore more info, view

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