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Senior Inter Civics Model Paper 2 AP

Note: I. Answer any THREE of the following questions. 3 × 10 = 30
1. Explain the basic features of the Indian Constitution.
2. What are the Fundamental Rights? Explain.
3. Explain the Powers & Functions of the Indian Prime Minister?
4. Explain the Powers & Functions of the Indian Parliament?
5. Explain the Powers & Functions of the District Collector?
Section - B
II. Answer any EIGHT of the following questions. 8 $ 5 = 40
6. Describe the causes for the birth of National Movement in India?
7. Explain the importance of the Fundamental Duties?
8. Explain the Powers & Functions of any five of the Supreme Court?
9. Mention any four special provisions relating to National Capital Territory of Delhi.
10. Point out the Powers of State Governor.
11. Point out the Administrative relations between Union and Sates.
12. Describe the importance of the Public Opinion.
13. Mention any five electoral reforms.
14. Explain the Composition and Functions of the Union Public Service Commission.
15. Point out the Objectives of the National Commission on Review of the Constitution.
16. What are the basic features of India's Foreign Policy?
17. Make a mention about the functions of Security Council.
Section - C
III. Answer any FIFTEEN of the following questions. 15 $ 2 = 30
18. Write briefly on Chauri Chaura incident.
19. Simon Commission.
20. Preamble.
21. Secular State.
22. Identify the Directive Principles relating to Women's Welfare?
23. How is the State Governor appointed?
24. Impeachment Procedure.
25. Public bill, Private bill.
26. Residuary Powers.
27. Judicial Review.
28. How many Union Territories are there? What are they?
29. Mayor.
30. Pressure Groups.
31. Bhahujan Samaj Party.
32. Chief Election Commissioner.
33. Article - 356.
34. Point out the any four features of the Sate Public Service Commission.
35. What are the recommendations of the National Commission on Review of Constitution on Political Parties.
36. Non-Alignment.
37. List out aims of the United Nations.

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