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SBI Posts Model Quastions (General Awareness)

1. On 10 Feb 2010, Reserve Bank of India issued a draft circular to adopt “Base Rate System” by all banks. Pick up correct one?
1. Banks should adopt Base Rate System instead of present BPLR system, at the time of lending
2. The Base Rate will be the minimum rate for all Commercial Loans and banks will not be permitted to resort to any lending below this
3. All new loans and old loans come for renewal attracts Base Rate.
4. Base Rate comprise of Cost of Deposits, Adjustment for the Negative carry in respect of SLR and CRR, Unallocable Overhead Cost etc .
5. All of above

2. The existing categories of Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFC) are Asset Finance Companies (AFC), Loan Companies (LCs), and Investment Companies. On 12 Feb 2010 Reserve Bank of India initiated to introduce a new category NBFC. It is……?
1. Innovation Companies
2. Economic Research Companies
3. Initiated investment Companies
4. Daily Finance Companies
5. Infrastructure Finance Companies

3. If the net worth of company is above Rs.1000 crore by 1 Apr 2010, they should follow IFRS norms. If their net worth is Rs.500 crore –
Rs.1000 crore they should follow by 1 APR 2003, and below than Rs.500 crore they should follow by 1 Apr 2014. All small and medium scale industries, and unlisted firms are exempted from IFRS. IFRS means …. ?
1. International Financial Respect Scheme
2. International Financial Reign System
3. Inter-continental Financial Report System
4. International Financial Reporting Standards
5. International Financial Responsive Systems

4. The World Bank released its Global Economic Progress 2010 and it has the details of Indian Economy.. Pick up correct one?
1. In 2010-2011, India grow by 7.5 - 8 %
2. In 2011-2012, India grow by 7.5 - 8%
3. In 2009-2010, Indian growth will be around 6 % only
4. The report hailed the performance of Indian economy, despite the economic crisis in world
5. All of above

5. Telecom Minister A. Raja provided the following information regarding TELE DENSITY. Pick up incorrect one?
1. National Telecom Policy 1999, estimated that 600 million tele connections will be there by 2012
2. By Dec 2009, India has 580 million connections
3. By Mar 2010, we can have 600 million connections
4. The tele density in the country rise to 40 percent in 2009 from 15 percent in 2007
5. India has largest number of telephones in the world

6. To whom the Finance ministry had given permission to issue Rs. 5000 crore Tax Free Bonds (TFB) carry an interest in the range of
6.5 % to 7.25 % ?
1. Reserve Bank of India
2. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
3. Steel Authority of India Limited
4. Coal India Limited
5. Indian Railway Finance Corporation

7. Many state Governments introduced the Budgets in the month of February 2010. Pick incorrect one
1. Bihar- Nitish Kumar Government promised to distribute Bhoodan and Surplus land to Tea plantations
2. Chhattisgarh- Raman Singh Government introduced many schemes apart from Bharat Shakshar Yozana to bring literacy campaign in 8 districts in the state.
3. Andhra Pradesh- Rosaiah government decided to scrap the Free Medical Insurance Scheme (Rajiv Arogyasree) on the recommendation of World Bank
4. Madhya Pradesh- Siv Raj Singh Chauhan Government preferred to introduce new scheme “Mukhya Mantri Sadak Yozana” to connect rural roads much like NDA government’s “Pradhana Mantri Gram Sadak
5. Uttar Pradesh- Mayawathi Government forwarded policy of ‘Sarvajan Hitaya sarvajan sukhaya’ and allotted Rs.402 crore for the Chief minister Mahamaya Garib Arthik Madad Yozana.

8. Of the following statements which one is correct regarding the terms used in Budget formation?
1. Revenue receipts = Tax Revenue + Non- Tax Revenue
2. Revenue deficit = Revenue Expenditure – Revenue Receipts
3. Fiscal Deficit = Total Expenditure – (Revenue Receipts + Recovery of Loans + Other Receipts)
4. Primary Deficit = Fiscal Deficit – interest payment
5. All of above

9. Rs.100 crore allocated to Mahila Kisan Sashakti Karan Pari Yozana.
It benefits … ?
1. Woman unemployed
2. Woman house wife
3. Woman farmer
4. Woman bank employee
5. Woman public sector employee

10. Mamata Benarjee promised to establish new Wagon factories in Railway Budget. Pick up where the factories will be established?
a. Secunderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
b. Bangalore (Karnataka)
c. Guwahati (Assam)
d. Bhubaneswar (Orissa)
e. Haldia (West Bengal)
f. Barddhaman (West Bengal)
g. Jam Nagar (Gujarat)
1. a b c d e f g 2. b c d e g 3. a c d e f 4. c d e f g 5. a b c d

11. Three Indian Oil companies ONGC, IOC, OIL have decided to invest around $ 2.25 billion in CARABOBO-1 project of Orinoco extra heavy belt. This belt is in …… ?
1. Dubai 2. Israel 3. Chile 4. Argentina 5. Venezuela

12. BSNL will have tie up with ……, a Chennai based IT company to provide a cheaper Broad Band Connectivity in rural areas?
1. Novotel 2. Navatium 3. Aircel 4. Infosys 5. Tanla

13. National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission headed by ……. ?
1. Justice K.S. Guptha
2. Justice R.C. Jain
3. Justice R.K.Batta
4. Justice Ashok Bhan
5. Justice B.N.P.Singh

14. Bhandari committee constituted to give recommendations on ….
1. CBS upgradation in RRB’s
2. Reconstruction of RRB’s
3. Giving permission to RRB’s to sell Mutual Funds
4. Permission to RRB’s to open overseas branches
5. Merger of RRB’s with Co-operative Banks

15. Second India- Arab investment Projects Conclave held at New Delhi on 8 Feb 2010, revealed the data that India- Arab Nations present trade estimated of $114 Billion and it will be almost double to $ 230 Billion by …… ?
1. 2011 2. 2012 3. 2013 4. 2014 5. 2015

16. To encourage competitive pricing coordination between alternative modes of transport in order to provide an integrated and sustainable transport system, the central government introduced ….
1. National Transport and Competitive Authority
2. Indian Transport and Sequential ordering Authority
3. National Eminent Sustainable and Patrol Authority
4. Trans National Programmable and Transmission Authority
5. National Transport Development Policy Committee

17. …… is world's largest micro-irrigation manufacturer, an Indian based company signed MOU with International Rice Research Institute
(IRRI), Manila (Philippines), for jointly conduct drip irrigation research?
1. Indo-Psalm Manufactures
2. Nandiya Enterprises
3. Jain Irrigation
4 Ambani Micro Irrigations
5. Santa Biotechs

18. 3 GSM World Congress representing mobile operators, vendors and across the world held its annual conference in … In this conference,
Microsoft announced its new revamped mobile operating system,
Windows Phone 7 Series.
1. Washington 2. Tokyo 3. Barcelona 4. Singapore 5. Moscow

19. Government of India, as a part of new nutrient-based subsidy scheme, effective from 1 Apr, 2010, the new price of Urea has been
raised from Rs.4,830 rupees to ….. rupees per metric tonne.
1. 10,000 2. 5,310 3. 6,120 4. 7,360 5. 9,000

20. On 12 Feb 2010, the second estimates of crop production released. The correct statement is …… ?
1. Total Food grains – 216.85 million tonnes
2. Rice – 87.56 million tonnes
3. Wheat – 80.28 million tonnes
4. Pulses – 14.74 million tonnes
5. All of above

21. Which committee is appointed by the government over the study of Forest Rights Act?
1. Veerappa Moiley 2. K.L.Rao
3. Devendra Pandey 4. Pratap Bhushan
5. Mrinal Pandey

22. On Feb 16, 2010 the central power minister Sushil Kumar Shindey declared ….. district in India as the first total electrified district?
1. Sirpa (Himachal Pradesh)
2. Ernakulam (Kerala)
3. Haripur (West Bengal )
4. Mannavaram (Andhra Pradesh)
5. Palakkad (Kerala)

23. In the development of South – south Partnership, Partners in Population and Development (PPD), an inter-governmental alliance of twenty-four 'developing’ countries established. It’s head quarter is at …… ?
1. New Delhi 2. Taipei 3. Beijing 4. Dhaka 5. Colombo

24. Recently Dr. Horst Koehler visited India to finalize economic and technological cooperation worth about Rs. 2,500 crore and some
other pacts. He is the president of …… ?
1. Australia 2. France 3. Germany 4. England 5. None

25. In 2008-2009, the performance of Public sector Banks and private banks is very well. Pick up the wrong one relating to their performance?
1. Public sector Banks and Private sector Banks did an average Business Per Employee (BPE) of Rs.7.44 crore
2. Private Banks generated higher Profit Per Employee (PPE) of Rs.6.16 Lakh
3. Public Sector Banks generated PPE about Rs.4.72 lakh
4. State Bank of India did Business Per Employee (BPE) of Rs.20 crore
5. Public Sector Banks increased their branch network by 2 % but their employee strength fell by 1 %.

1.5 2.5 3.4 4.5 5.5 6.5 7.3 8.5 9.3 10.3 11.5 12.2 13.4 14.2 15.4
16.5 17.3 18.3 19.2 20.5 21.3 22.5 23.4 24.3 25.4.

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