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Opportunities for MBA – HR Management in India

Human resource management is a process of bringing people and organizations together so that the goals of each other are met. The role of HR manager is shifting - from that of a recruitment and selection, and employee welfare to that of a strategic planner and change agent. Rapid technological changes and dynamic natures of skills required of the human resources are making the role of HR manager critical to an organization’s success. Whether we are dealing with brick-and-mortar industry or with high tech industry, managing talent is a key differentiators for success.

Hence HR managers looking after human resource development, talent management, performance management, competency building, training and development, HRIS and Restructuring Analyst are the new corporate heroes. The name of the game today in business is human capital management. The competitive advantage of a company can only be sustained with effective management of human resources and hence HRM will be central to the future of organizational success. Hence your decision to specialize in Human Resource Management is welcome. The scope for new generation HR manager is enormous.

However, all MBA colleges are not equipped to deal with the emerging concepts of human resource management. Contemporary topics such talent management, competency management, work-life balance, performance management, etc. have still not become common courses in the academic institutions. HR Analytics is emerging. Therefore, the academic knowledge and skills that a students would acquire in the conventional MBA program may not provide the competitive edge for a student to bid for coveted positions in corporate in HR function.

Some of the best institutes offering contemporary knowledge in HRM are XLRI, Jamshedpur; MDI, Gurgaon; FMS, Delhi; etc. Indian Society for Training & Development, Delhi offers a Diploma Program in Training & Development which will be a good value add for your career aspirations. Society for Human Resource Management, USA through HR Certification Institute offers international certification programs in HR discipline.

The skills required for successful practice of Human Resource Management are –

1. Excellent Communication skills.
2. High level of adaptability.
3. Excellent people skills.
4. Negotiation skills.
5. Leadership and management skills.
6. Interviewing skills
7. Project management skills.
8. Counseling and mentoring skills.
9. Strategic planning and implementation.

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