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MBA Marketing after M.Sc. Biochemistry

Question 1: I finished my M.Sc. Biochemistry and presently working in a Biotech Company and having 1 year experience. I am interested in pursuing MBA through correspondence mode. Could you please suggest me which branch in MBA is best suitable for me and also which has demand in the market in terms of job opportunities?

Answer: You have two options. You can go for general M.B.A with specialization in marketing OR you can choose M.B.A Biotechnology specifically. But it is better to go for M.B.A general with marketing specialization as the other options will be too narrow.

Integrated MBA – B. Pharma

Question 2: I am doing B. Pharmacy third year. I would like to do M.S. in any of the Pharma related subjects. I would like to take GRE coaching. But recently MBA- B. Pharma integrated course is started in our college. Is it a better one / shall I opt GRE?

Answer: GRE is for future security. If you don’t have any problem in leaving the country or you are very much capable to live your own in a remote place concentrating on your studies then GRE is always the best option. You can finish your M. Pharm or any other Master’s with better learning and hands-on. Later on you can opt for job or can pursue your further studies. MS pharma students are doing wonderful job since it is highly lucrative and attractive. They get more salary than software engineers and I strongly suggest you to go for MS pharma. Regarding MBA- B. Pharma course it will be the last option and you need to look into the faculty and infrastructure.

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