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M.Sc., MBA, B.Ed. – What more to study

Here is a question from an ambitious student: ‘I did B.Sc. (Computers), M.Sc. (Maths) and B.Ed. Presently I am doing MBA (Finance) in a College of Business Management. After this, what courses will provide a job? My friends are blaming me for deviating from Sciences. What I shall do now to settle in career?

And the answer is here: You need to change your outlook of continuously doing courses… We have seen in many cases sciences students doing well in Finance. I am sure you spent enough time in acquiring knowledge, but not to put to use is a crime… make sure that you get some practical exposure in the areas of specialization that you are currently in i.e., finance. You would have many questions during interview for doing so many degrees for which you should be mentally prepared to justify truthfully… so be prepared and makeup your mind to work in any field and get some practical exposure in any company as a trainee / internship.

MBA in Distance after B.Tech EEE:

It’s a good thought that you would like to enhance your knowledge, which would definitely help you in your career progression. As per your query the best way to achieve your knowledge gain can be done through the Online Education. There are many universities in US and Europe or any part of the world that you are living. You need to identify the Online program and in the areas of focus that you want. Make sure that the Online program would give you access to online content, data, videos, web classes, examination using Internet.

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