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Is Mechanical Engineering suitable for Girls

An Engineering aspirant asked… I got 13123 Rank in EAMCET. I want to do Mechanical Engineering. As I am a girl, is the course suitable for me? What are the Job opportunities in India? I heard that Job opportunities are less compare to ECE, CSE and EEE.

Answer: Yes, there's a misconception that Mechanical branch is not suitable for girls as many treat this as mere Physical Labor Work. It's not limited to rough labour, however the branch has got major subdivisions like (1) Manufacturing Engineering (2) Thermal Engineering (3) Engineering Design (4) Industrial Engineering.

In today's automated process generation, many machines are now operated by Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) method. Girls can also work in this field for designing, programming and administering manufacturing process.

So always suggest going with your interests, if you’re interested in Mechanical, then do not thinking or considering others concern who always demotivate as they think Mechanical field as Physical Labor work. If you take the Engineering Design, it's basically concentrates on the design of engines and other mechanical equipment.

You have to learn software tools like AutoCAD, CATIA and UniGraphics which are used for creating designs. You can find jobs in Mechanical field as CNC Programmer, CAD Design Engineer, CAD Software Testing Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer or you can work Lecturer in colleges based on your interest.

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