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IIT Kharagpur MMST Model Questions and Exam Pattern

School of Medical Science and Technology (SMST), Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur is an innovative and prestigious initiative of the IITK to offer a 3 years Masters in Medical Science and Technology (MMST). This is a Post Graduate programme with a blend of Medicine and Engineering disciplines. The curriculum and teaching methodology has been designed in a way that imparts sound technical knowledge to medical doctors. The IIT Kharagpur conducts entrance test for the admission to MMST. Following are details of exam pattern, Question paper scheme and some model / previous questions:

Written Test for MMST is of 2 hours duration. The test consists of 120 questions. Out of these 75 questions will be from the syllabus of MBBS. The remaining questions are equally distributed among +2 level subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Each correct answer carries one mark and each wrong answer will get a penalty of 0.25 marks. Those qualified in written test will be called for counseling and later for final selection.

Model Questions / Paper of the IIT Kharagpur - MMST Programme:

1. All of the following statements about warfarin are true except

A. It is safe in pregnancy
B. Bleeding is the major adverse effect
C. Treatment monitoring is done with INR measurement
D. It is almost completely bound to plasma proteins

2. The infant of a diabetic mother is NOT at risk for

A. Macrosomia
B. Hypocalcemia
C. Neural tube defects
D. Hyperglycemia

3. In radioactivity, the mass number and the atomic number of a radioactive nucleus does not change when it emits

A. Gamma rays
B. An alpha particle
C. A beta particle
D. All the above three

4. Carboxypeptidase A is

A. A metalloenzyme and uses Zn(II)
B. A metalloenzyme and uses both Mg(II) and Zn(II)
C. A metalloenzyme and uses Mg(II)
D. A pyridoxal phosphate dependent enzyme

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