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How to improve Technical Skills for Placements

Question: Sir, I am doing my final year engineering in Information Technology. Last month TCS visited the college for recruitments though I cleared the aptitude round but was rejected in the technical round. Could you suggest me how to prepare for next companies and how to make my resume technically strong. Also please suggest me how to improve my technical skills.
- Aditi Mishra

Answer: In the technical round, mostly questions are asked on how you apply the theoretical knowledge. This necessarily does nt confine to questions in the text book only. You are actually tested on how you develop the logic for solving the problem given to you.

This requires practicing many programs beyond the text book. Try to solve the problems that require you to overcome the limitations imposed by the programming language. For ex. You try to develop a program for computing factorial for any large number given to you.

Solve problems given at the end of the chapter in a standard text book. Then you can get stronger in technical knowledge and you can get selected.

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