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Higher Education in Sweden

Sweden is known for good standards in higher education and research. The universities and colleges in Sweden consist of traditional and modern professional courses. Most important aspect of Swedish education is blend of teaching and research. It is also a proud country for its innovation and high end research. Apart from usual Degree Programmes, Swedish colleges also offer professional degrees in Engineering, Medicine and Law etc. University education in Sweden is hugely funded by the Government; hence there will be no tuition fee for stipulated number of International students along with locals. As we all aware, Sweden is home country of Alfred Noble.

In total, there are 61 universities in Sweden, out of which 14 are state universities and 22 are state university colleges. There are three independent higher education institutions that are accepted by the Government to offer graduate training. These are Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, the Stockholm School of Economics and Jönköping University. The academic session in Sweden can be divided into two terms. The autumn term runs during August – January and the spring term stretches from January to June.

Programs in English: There is good number of universities in Sweden that offer higher education in English Medium. There are more then 500 programs in English. Karolinska Institute is one of best modern centers for research.

Eligibility Requirements: Admission requirements at the level of university programs differ for various institutions. In general, you should have Graduation to apply for any university / college for higher programs. There are fair chances of getting a scholarship as well for Masters and Research Courses. The Swedish Institute offers more than 500 scholarships every year for international students and research scholars. There will be so much competition for these scholarships.

There are major changes in Swedish education system and process from 2007. These changes are called The Bologna Process. According to this, foreign applicants will be considered for admission in a separate group. This also brought changes in award of Degrees and mobility of faculty. This has been introduced to attract foreign students. Sweden has a high level of expertise in research in Nanotechnology. There are about 30 companies with dedication for studies and research in Nanotechnology. Swedish companies such as ABB, Sandvik and Höganäs are known for their research potential in this area.

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  1. Nishat Tasnim

    I have completed my "O" level and "A" level under Cambrige University. I need an english medium university in Stockhlomn in Sweden.
    How can I get admit here? Can u please help me?


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