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Herguan University Visa Fraud – 400 Indian Students Trapped

It is estimated that about 400 Indian students in the U.S. are facing difficult times with the arrest of CEO of Herguan University on the grounds of Visa frauds. This is yet another significant scam after Tri Valley University scam story in 2010. Lately, the Indian students found themselves that they were trapped another University Visa scam.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), an authorised body of the US Government has issued a 'notice of intent to withdraw' accreditation to Herguan University of Sunnyvale, California. About 450 students are registered in the University. Out of these, 94 percent students are from India.

Federal agents have raided Herguan University on Thursday and charged its CEO, Jerry Wang with visa fraud. He could be sent to prison for 23 years and fined to an amount of more than $ 1 million if charges are proved. The students may not have an option except moving to a different University or leaving the country. The notice served by ICE to Herguan University can be accessed at .

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