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GATE Chemical Engineering – Previous Question Papers

Chemical Engineering stream will have less competition comparing to other streams in GATE examination. Following are previous question papers of GATE - Chemical Engineering stream. The GATE exams is intended to provide admission into M.Tech and Integrated research programmes in IITs, NITs and various other private institutions also consider GATE scores for shortlisting the candidates. Apart from these, several PSU companies are considering GATE scores for the recruitment of Graduate Engineer Trainees. Here are some model questions for GATE - Chemical Engineering and then given previous question papers:

1) The ratio of Nusselt number to Biot number is
A) conductive resistance of fluid / conductive resistance of solid
B) conductive resistance of fluid / convective resistance of fluid
C) conductive resistance of solid / conductive resistance of fluid
D) unity

2) The ratio of thermal boundary layer thickness to the concentration boundary layer thickness is proportional to
A) Nu B) Le C) Sh D) Pr

3) Which ONE of the following statements about baffles in a shell and tube heat exchanger is FALSE? Baffles
A) act as a support to the tube bundle
B) reduce the pressure drop on the shell - side
C) alter the shell - side flow pattern
D) help in increasing the shell - side heat transfer coefficient

4) In Hagen - Poiseuille flow through a cylindrical tube, the radial profile of shear stress is
A) constant
B) cubic
C) parabolic
D) linear

5) A reactor needs to be lined with a corrosion resistant lining. One type of lining costs Rs. 5 lakhs and is expected to last for 2 years. Another type of lining lasts for 3 years. If both choices have to be equally economical, with the effective interest rate being 18 percent, compound annually, the price one should pay for the second type of lining is
A) Rs. 61. lakhs
B) Rs. 6.5 lakhs
C) Rs. 6.9 lakhs
D) Rs. 7.6 lakhs

GATE Chemical - Previous Paper 2007

GATE Chemical - Previous Paper 2008

GATE Chemical - Previous Paper 2009

GATE Chemical - Previous Paper 2010

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