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Free Education in Europe – Why and How

Indians students always think about only U.S, U.K and Canada. They never think about any other educational destinations. We are bringing to your kind notice that we have plenty of other educational destinations which offer us nominal tuition fees or zero tuition fees. As for Indian students they are very strong enough academically but financially they might not good enough. for these kind of students this is the greatest opportunity to study internationally and enhance there knowledge and move ahead with better settlements rather than paying lacs of rupees to U.S, U.K & Canada universities they should opt for European universities which will save lacs of rupees. Details of application and visa process for European Universities are described in the second par of the article.

Most of the universities are public run by the Govt. these govt. are spending up 20% of the GDP towards education. That’s why these universities have enough funding from the government and local companies. There is no discrimination between international students and local students will also have to pay the same as international students.

If you compare the students to the other countries with U.S, U.K, Canada & Australia local students they have to pay 1000 dollars whereas international students will have to pay 10,000 dollar for the same platform.

Why to Choose European Countries?

Most of the inventors came from the European unions. For ex. Einstein, Aristotle, Madam Curie, Newton, Rudolf Deisel, Karl Benjamin and many more in the list. It shows how good enough are they in research works. Most of the universities are the highly internationally ranked, and they are noble prize winners

European educational system one of the best in the world as of today. Internship is the part of their curriculum. Some of the European countries like Sweden, Italy it is not mandatory to submit IELTES, TOEFL and GRE reports. If the students are having these reports he will get much more advantage. There are wide range of courses available for international students in European union e.g. Germany ( mechanical, bio-technology, chemistry, automobiles etc), France ( nuclear energies, management, mathematics, physics and aeronautics)

Qualified students can avail plenty of scholarship opportunities that are offered by the European Commission, National Governments, various societies, industries and research institutions to cover their living expenses. The tuition fees waived out completely from the European system but still the student can get living expenditures through scholarships ( e.g. most of the countries like German will provide DAAD scholarship and France will provide to you French scholarship and Sweden will provide to you meritorious scholarships. Many more scholarships and fellowships are also available for international students.

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5 thoughts on “Free Education in Europe – Why and How

    1. admin

      Dear Krishna,
      You need to clear IELTS / TOEFL and then approach a credible consultancy. Admission to Ph.D will be an easy task comparing to MS courses. Also try to visit official websites of the universities and contact people at International admissions.

  1. Deepak kumar

    Dear Admin,

    Thanks for this very informative Post!!

    Could you please help up with universities for masters Course which all are good for Computers.


    1. admin

      Dear Deepak,
      Germany and Sweden have good universities for Computers and Electronics. You can also opt for Finland which is another European country offering good courses in Electronics and Computers. You can check any international university rankings for the list of best universities in respective countries. The information may also available at embassies of respective countries.
      All the best!


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