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Fashion Management after B.Sc.

Question: I am studying B.Sc. 3rd year. After completion of this course I want to do Fashion Management. Could you please tell me the opportunities for this course and where could I get the jobs. Also tell me about the SAP course?

Answer: Your thought about Fashion Management is a good idea. However you would not achieve anything by doing SAP course without any experience. A course in Fashion Management is meant for those students who want to combine creative flair with business acumen. The Retail Revolution has opened many opportunities for Fashion Design and Management graduates. Fashion management involves garment retailing, merchandising and managing production facilities. There are many opportunities with companies who are front-end retailing of apparels, merchandising, Brand Management etc., There are lot of areas where the government is taking help of such professionals to help the Handloom Industry at large. Also many areas where the fashion apparel manufacturer and exporter you would find opportunities. However you need to choose a specific segment to specialize as it’s a vast field. You may check NIFT website for more information and understanding.

MBA after M.Sc. Computer Science

Question: At Present I am working as Junior DBA (Data Base Administrator). My qualification is M. Sc. (Computer Science). I am going to do MBA. How far it will be useful for my future career?

Answer: I must appreciate you for the thought. You did not mention your experience. However, I have noticed very few after working as DBA would like to do MBA; few of them did their MBA distance to save time, money and efforts instead of investing full time. However that would help for internal promotion and growth if the organization were progressive. MBA always makes the person to apply your experience in Business for better results. Your task for full time MBA would be good if you have 2-3 years of experience and the Institute you choose has focus on Practical application of Business. There are definitely many opportunities in Technology companies where you can apply your knowledge on job. Wish you good luck.

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