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Engineering Vs Sciences: And the winner is

Engineering subjects are having craze in peoples mind for along time. This comes from a definite path of the subject, which is very understandable for a common person. More over Engineering Subjects take less time to build or settle in career. This may be the major factor for parents or the students opting for a career in engineering sciences rather than all other disciplines such as arts, commerce and even more promising field… Science.. The other part is applicability. Definitely in general there are several applications available in our daily life from many engineering subjects. This is driving demand for engineering across the world.

Students studying life science related subjects take longer time to settle down in life as well as in career. But every subject is having its own benefit. Applicative life science related subjects like Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and Microbiology are slowly changing the mind set of the students and the parents. With the slowdown of job market and crowdedness of colleges and number of students, Engineering subjects are getting saturated and people are moving towards basic sciences or bio sciences. This is has been evident in many states.

In the long run biology subjects provide more stable career with less cost of education. Govt. of India is encouraging students to take biological sciences as a career option. It is also providing number of fellowships and scholarships through various schemes. Candidates from Mathematics background also can take subjects such as Biotech Engineering, Marine Engineering etc. at BE / B. Tech level. Whatever may be the subject and course you opt in sciences, your chances getting good placement will depend on the aptitude and patience you have towards the subject. You must go for research courses to grab good positions in industry, research organisations and academic institutes. Indian Scientific Organisations like CSIR, DBT, and ICMR etc shall assist you with so many fellowships and scholarships through out your higher education starting from PG to Post Doctoral level.

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