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EDCET Previous Question Papers Download – General English

General English is an important section in EDCET Examination. Here we are giving Previous Edcet Question Papers (General English Sections) of the years 2009 and 2011 for the use of EDCET appearing candidates. EDCET Solved Question Papers are provided for two years. The Key is provided by the officials of Edcet in respective years. Other common sections are GK and Teaching Aptitude. Following are some model questions from the General English Section of previous papers. Candidates can download Previous Papers from the links given at the end of these model questions.

1) Identify the correct propositions for the blanks in the sentence:
You have fallen ------ love ------- her.
1) in, with 2) into, for 3) into, with 4) in for

2) Identify the pair of homonyms
1) too: to 2) bun:fun 3) sun : shun 4) pair : pear

3) Identify the synonym of the word given in quotes in the sentence:
My friend 'commends' me for my activities
1) scolds 2) praises 3) hates 4) loves

4) Identify the antonym of the word given in quotes in the sentence:
I do not 'lend' anything to anyone.
1) give 2) return 3) extend 4) borrow

5) Although he is poor, he is contended.
The above sentence can be written as:
1) He is contented in spite of he is poor
2) He is poor, so he is contented also
3) He is poor, but he is contented
4) he is contented for he is poor

For answers to these questions and previous papers of General English, see below links:

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