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EDCET Biological Sciences Question Paper with Key 2012

Here we are giving Edcet 2012 Biological Sciences (Biology) Question Paper for the aspirants of B.Ed course in Andhra Pradesh. EDCET is a common entrance examination conducted for admission B.Ed in AP. The Biology question paper with key is available for download. The question paper will be useful for preparation to the EDCET entrance test. The question paper also includes General English, General Knowledge and Teaching Aptitude Parts. You can download all the papers from the link given at the end of these model questions:

1. Gynobasic style is seen in this family
1. Acanthaeae 2. Lamiaceae 3. Liliaceae 4. Rubiaceae

2. The flower bearing part in the spikelet of grass is called
1. Rachilla 2. Lodicule 3. Lemma 4. Palea

3. The famous Indian Scientist, Birbal Sahani is a
1. Embryologist 2. Palaeobotanist 3. Bryologist 4. Phycologist

4. Chromosome movement during cell division is due to
1. Spindle fibre 2. Telomere 3. Chromomere 4. Centromere

5. The process that ensures the maintenance of the same Chromosome number through generation to generation is
1. Meiosis 2. Mitosis 3. Endomitosis 4. Amitosis

6. Plants usually absorb nitrogen in this form
1. Nitrogen gas 2. Nitrates 3. Nitric acid 4. Amino Acids

7. The mineral associated with the oxygen evolving machinery of PS II is
1. Copper 2. Iron 3. Magnesium 4. Manganese

8. The Oil yielding part of the coconut is
1. Epicarp 2. Endocarp 3. Mesocarp 4. Endosperm

9. Construction of nests by birds is an example of
1. Stereotyped behaviour 2. Motivated behaviour
3. Learning behaviour 4. Trial and Error learning

10. The phenomenon of genetic drift is seen in
1. A large population 2. A small population
3. The entire specis 4. The entire genus

EDCET Biology Question Paper 2012 - Download

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