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EAMCET Physics Model Questions – Optics

Following are the EAMCET model questions for Physics subjects. The questions are given from the topic - Optics. EAMCET candidates can practice these questions and assess themselves. Answers also given at the end of the questions.

1. If C is the critical angle of the material of a prism with respect to air, the maximum value of the refracting angle of the prism kept in air to get an emergent ray is
1) 3C 2) 2C 3) 4C 4) C

2. Light passes through an equilateral prism with its incident and emergent rays situated symmetrically with respect to the base of prism when the angle of incidence is 45° The angle of deviation is
1) 45° 2) 60° 3) 30° 4) 75°

3. Light incident normally on an equilateral glass prism of refractive index 1.5 undergoes total internal reflection. The angle of deviation is
1) 60° 2) 30° 3) 42° 4) 48°

4. A prism of refracting angle 4° is made of a material of refractive index 1.5. If the prism is kept in air its angle of minimum deviation is
1) 6° 2) 2° 3) 4° 4) 3°

5. What is the ratio of the angle of minimum deviation of a thin glass prism (μ =1.5) if it is kept in air and then immersed in a liquid (μ = 1.3)?
1) 4:1 2) 1:4 3) 6.5:2 4) 1:3

6. When a prism is in minimum deviation, one of the following statements is not correct.
1) Angle of incidence is equal to angle of emergence.
2) Angle of refraction is equal to half of the refracting angle of the prism.
3) Incident and emergent rays are not symmetrical with respect to the base of the prism
4) The refracted ray in the prism is paralled to the base of the prism.

7. Critical angle is minimum for which of the following colour of light
1) Blue 2) Red 3) Green 4) Violet

8. When a bubble of air rises through a column of water placed in bright light, the bubble appears to be shining due to
1) interference 2) diffraction
3) polarisation 4) total internal reflection

9. A crack in a pane of glass when see obliquely appears
1) Silvery 2) dim 3) black 4) colored

Answers: 1)2 2)3 3)1 4)2 5)3 6)3 7)4 8)4 9)1

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