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Dos and Don’ts in MBA College

You are investing your time and hard earned money to mould yourself into a good manager. The qualities of a good manager, though not exhaustive, include the following:

1) Have well-defined goals.
2) Has the ability to prioritise and allocate resources accordingly.
3) Has the ability to make decisions, act upon them, and accept responsibility for them.
4) Is willing to be flexible and compromise, where necessary.
5) Is willing to delegate and foster team performance with due recognition.
6) Is organised, self-motivated and self-managed.
7) Has the ability to organize, plan, and communicate for effective and efficient use of resources.
8) Has good interpersonal communications skills and maintains good relationship with others.
9) Displays emotional maturity and the internal resources to cope with success, failure, frustration, disappointment and stress.
10) Has the ability to do a critical self appraisal and one's performance objectively. Should have the humility to accept mistakes and failures.
11) Be positive and believe in personal growth, improve performance, and open to learning and development.
12) Be in the driver’s seat and take ownership for delivering results. You just began a flying start for your ambitious career in the wonderland of management. What keeps you flying high is acquiring the required knowledge, skills and attitude right from beginning and continue.


1. Set goals, define priorities and have a clear time table
2. Be self motivated. The energy is within you.
3. Be flexible.
4. Make a weekly study time management plan for the semester in the very beginning.
5. Read a lot of contemporary material from magazines, journals and reference books.
6. Invest time in practicing the theoretical knowledge. Remember that there is lot to learn outside the classroom, especially for a practicing manager.
7. Actively participate in classroom discussions, activities, college events, group assignments, etc.
8. Subscribe to a business paper. Make it a habit to read it daily.
9. Pursue your internship in a place other than your hometown. This would help you learn more.
10. Improve your communication and presentation skills. It helps you to be effective.
11. Acquire life skills along with professional skills.
12. Attend seminars, conferences, business meets conducted by Chamber of Commerce, professional bodies, etc. in your vicinity.
13. Learn to deal with criticism. As a manager you will be required to handle this all time.
14. Spend some time in your library every week – reading books, browsing some electronic databases, etc.
15. Create positive environment and positive energy. Managers deal with human resources. Hence you need to be a fountain of positive energy.


1. Just depend on classroom teaching.
2. Make your study plan too rigid; Keep it flexible and leave plenty of ‘open’ time.
3. Just read through your textbook or refer PowerPoint presentations.
4. Don’t take positions and get stuck.
5. Be afraid of failure.
6. Create negative energy.
7. Procrastinate.
8. Waste time watching TV soaps, movies, etc.

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