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CLAT for National Law School Admissions – Legal Career

When was the last time someone told they were pursuing a course which they had a passion in and was something they were sure to take the market by storm when they graduate from a university? Did you ask yourself when you would choose a career that you could have a chance to be mentored and inspired by faculty, one of whose students is the Chief Justice of your country? How would you feel when you get into a university which has been promulgated for a reforming and stewarding one of the most respected professions in the world? Has there been an instance where you picked up an edition of the economic times or the Wall Street journal and wished you could be a part of some of the billion dollar deals appearing as headlines? Sparing you more jazz I would ask you the simplest question, do you yearn and want to be part of the premier National Law school fraternity of India?

National law schools are the answer to a student who is aspiring to reach the epitome of contemporary legal education. They are aggressively becoming the institutions which are producing highly skilled legal professionals aimed by the government of India to reform the legal profession in the country. The Indian economy has become mammoth and has been seeing a tremendous increase in the demand of professionals in various sectors.

Law is an area which has a gateway to every sector in the market whether it be infrastructure, energy and power, communications or even the share markets. The corporate realm has tentacles spread to every nook and corner of the modern economy. Law has not been what it was in the early eighties and has turned out to be an industry of its own offering an able shoulder to every sector in the market.

In case you would have heard the traditional approach that after law school you would be limited to advocacy at courts then you are grossly mistaken. Scores of students even at this very moment are involved in the corporate dynamics of the Indian market with highly lucrative opportunities in law firms, corporate house’s legal departments, major audit companies and Investment banking institutions. In short every industry that you might see flourishing definitely has a strong legal backbone to its structure.

Aim and aspire to be a “legal eagle” soaring over the skies of innumerable career options while perching over ones that might appeal his/her personal taste. There is no limit to the variety in means of work or in terms of occupation industry for a contemporary legal professional. From being the distinguished law firm associate providing resort to major corporate decisions that affect the entire economy, the celebrated litigator who pits his legal skills to further the cause of justice, the in house counsel of a multi - national company who is responsible for almost every action that it takes or the aggressive journalist who extracts and helps to uncover the major scams.

Conclusively you could have the chance to be driven by passion and fulfill your ambitions by being a part of national law schools. This article aims at showcasing the various facets of law as a career.

Admission into a premier Law Schools through CLAT:

Presently the Common law Admission Test which takes place in the second week of May every year is the gateway to the world of contemporary legal education. It paves the way to a lucrative option to study in 14 national law schools across the country at the following places:

1) NLSIU, Bangalore
2) NALSAR, Hyderabad
3) NUJS, Kolkata
4) NLIU Bhopal
5) NLU, Jodhpur
6) HNLU, Raipur
7) GNLU, Gandhinagar
8) CNLU, Patna
9) RMLNLU, Lucknow
10) RGNLU, Patiala
11) NUALS, Kochi
12) NLUJA, Assam
13) NLU, Cuttack
14) NUSRL, Ranchi

Other than CLAT, other law entrance examinations also provide options to students such as NLU, Delhi, LSAT and Symbiosis Entrance Test. LSAT - India is an entrance test for admission to about 20 law colleges in India including IIT Kharagpur, Jindal Law School etc. and the exam is conducted by LSAC (Law School Admissions council).

How, what and where?

The subjects that a student is tested in law test preparation are English, current affairs, logical reasoning, Mathematics and legal aptitude. CLAT is being conducted on 13th May, 2012 for which applications are available from 2nd January with the last date for application being 31st March. Fr more information log on to While NLU, Delhi and LSAT are conducted on 6th May and 5th May, 2011 respectively.

We wish you all the best in fueling your dreams to soar as a 'legal eagle'.

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