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Civils Prelims Topics in India Year Book and Economic Survey – Part 6

This is the last part of the series of articles on Civil Services Preliminary Examinations. Economic Survey Report and India Year Book are two important sources of information for the candidates those preparing for Civil Services Preliminary Examination. These books will have thousands of pages and it is very difficult to find the information useful and that not useful from the examination point of view. Most of the candidates waster their precious time by reading unnecessary information in these reports. Following are the details of topics and sections along with page numbers that are useful for Civil Services Preliminary Examination:

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1. State of the Economy and Prospects: Introduction, Growth in real GDP (1.3), Agriculture and Food (1.18 to 1.22), Human Development (1.68), Employment (1.70)

2. Micro Foundations of Macro Economic Development : Food and Inclusion (Box 2.22), Aadhaar’s Progress (Box 2.3), Managing the Exchange Rate (2.22), Central Bank Interventions (Box 2.4), The Risks of Over Regulation (Box 2.8, 2.54)

3. Fiscal Developments & Public Finance : Goods and Services Tax (3.19), Rangarajan Committee (Box 3.1), Subsidies(3.28), Nandan Nilekani Committee (Box 3.2)

These are just examples only. See detailed table from below link:

Civils Prelims Strategy - Useful Parts in India Year Book and Economic Survey Reports

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