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CBSE or ICSE or State Board-Which is the Best?

We have ICSE, CBSE, International and State Board Schools in India. Though having more options at hand is good for a learned decision maker, often it is also resulting in much confusion to so many parents and students in selecting a suitable system of education. Changing students from CBSE / ICSE Boards to Intermediate at +2 levels has been a common practice in many states as most of them are targeting state level entrance tests line EAMCET, TANCET, KCET etc. This is creating undue pressure on the students as they need to cope up with rote learning in Intermediate. While the Urban / City based parents conveniently tilt either way between ICSE and CBSE, semi – urban and educated rural people often find it difficult to make up their mind on CBSE Vs SSC. There is a positive trend from students and parents in the recent times with gradually shifting focus from Engineering / Management to Accountancy and Sciences.

In a globalised world, students must have excellent English communication, strong analytical and problem solving skills along with sound domain knowledge. All of these may not be equally imparted through any single system of education in the present context. Considering the Indian context of careers, aspirations and background of large number of parents, CBSE system has been widely accepted. A right mix of CBSE content with ICSE focus on eye for details and communication would be a better choice.

Generally, state boards are more suitable for state level entrance examinations such as EAMCET, KCET, TANCET etc. The SSC / Intermediate / HSE systems are severely lagging behind in imparting communication skills and confidence in the students. Infrastructure and teaching methods in these schools are generally very poor and redundant.

Anyway, all the systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. These details are dealt in other posts available in the following articles:

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4 thoughts on “CBSE or ICSE or State Board-Which is the Best?

  1. Andrew

    What about IGCSE board .Many international school in Mumbai are offering the IGCSE syllabus you have any idea about IGCSE ?

  2. Paul

    Needs of the child and the expectations on the part of the parents determine the selection of a International School .Choose a school that is more likely to satisfy your child’s needs and explore his potential.


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