Following are important model questions from Physics subject useful for NEET entrance test for MBBS admissions.

1. In Davisson - Germer experiment the decrease of the wavelength of the electron wave was done by..

A. Keeping the same potential difference between anode and filament.
B. Decreasing the potential difference between anode and filament.
C. Increasing the potential difference between anode and filament.
D. Keeping more distance between the anode and filament.

2. A particle mass m, charge q and kinetic energy T enters a transverse uniform magnetic field of induction B. After 3s the kinetic energy of the particle will be...
A. 3t
B. 2t
C. T
D. 4t

3. A square current carrying loop is suspended in a uniform magnetic field acting in the plane of the loop. If the force on one arm of the loop is F, the force on the remaining three arms of the loop is...

A. 3F
B. -F
C. -3F
D. F

4. Alternating current can not be measured by DC ammeter because...

A. AC can not pass through DC ammeter
B. AC changes direction
C. Average value of current for complete cycle is zero
D. DC ammeter will get damaged.

5. A person sees clearly at a distance of 100 cm then power of lens used to see object at 40 cm is...
A. 3D
B. -3D
C. -1.5D
D. 1.5D

6. The voltage gain of an amplifier with 9 % negative feedback is 10. The voltage gain without feedback will be...
A. 90
B. 100
C. 1.25
D. 1000



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