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Bank Jobs after Graduation in Science

There are so many students who like to know job opportunities after Graduation in Science. You may be interested in Banking sector irrespective of your education background. But you may not know the required information. Here are some useful tips for you. It is really good to see your focus in the Banking Segment. You can get more opportunities if you look at a broader scope in the areas of Banking/ Finance/ Insurance. Most of the jobs would be in the clerical, co-ordination, administration, Customer service areas and any of these would suit based on your graduation. You can get into the Public sector through specialized exams conducted from time to time.

Also you can focus on Financial Institutions, Private Banks and Insurance Companies who are the maximum recruiters in the last one year. You can get the details from the various Bank websites where they have a special location for Recruitment/ Careers pages. SBI website provides jobs info for all its associated banks. Other PSU banks, private banks like HDFC, Yes, ICICI and any international banks like HSBC, Dauistese etc. would have details on their websites.

Fashion Management after B.Sc.:

If your heart goes for fashion management, then you can consider pursuing that course after B.Sc. also. The best program available currently is at National Institute of Fashion Technology. More information you can get from their website and the locations along with the admission procedure for which your degree is eligible for Fashion Management. You can refer to the link . The list of employers is also included. Importantly you need to note that the Fashion Management would be useful for Private Segment in terms of managing the Fashion and Design products and Services and also as part of the initiatives of Government with specific reference to the Textile Industry ministries (Including Handloom Focused initiatives of various state governments). One specific suggestion is do this course out of your own State to make sure that you get the exposure to the other cities/ states.

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