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B.Tech Operating Systems Objective Questions

1. Set of processes waiting for an I/O device will be in ____ queue
2. Communication consists between a pair of ______
3. Set of all processes in the system are loaded in ___ queue
4. Blocking is considered as _______
5. Parent process create children processes, which, in turn create other processes, forming a ____ of processes
6. In UNIX, ____ system call creates new process
7. IPC facility provides ____ operations
8. The _____ scheduler controls the degree of multiprogramming
9. The client-side stub locates the server and _____ the parameters
10. threads directly supported by the kernel are called as ____ threads
11. _______ process can affect or be affected by other processes
12. If the process is waiting to be assigned to a processor, then it is in ____ state
13. RMI is ____ based.
14. If processes reside on different computers in a network, we call it as _____ environment
15. CPU scheduler is also called as _____ scheduler
16. _____ buffer places no practical limit on the size of the buffer
17. If the process has finished execution, then it is in ____ stste
18. A program in execution
19. Basic unit of CPU utilization

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