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APVVP Written Test General Studies Question Paper with Key

Andhra Pradesh Vaidya Vidhana Parishad (APVVP), Hyderabad, AP has conducted Written Test for the recruitment of Junior Assistants, Junior Accountants and Junior Stenographers. Here we are giving General Studies Question Paper with Key / Answers. The examination was held on 10th June 2012. Duration of the test was 150 minutes and Maximum marks are 150. Question Paper is given in English and Telugu Versions. Following are some questions from the General Paper 1. Answers to these questions along with complete question paper is available through the link at the end of these questions:

1. The special status of Jammu and Kashmir is guaranteed in which Article of Indian Constitution?
1. 370 2. 371 3. 372 4. 373

2. First Chief Election Commissioner of India
1. Sukumar Sen
2. KVK Sundaram
3. SP Sen Verma
4. T. Swaminathan

3. Who is the father of Biology?
1. Aristotle 2. Darwin 3. Lamarck 4. Linnaeus

4. Who is the father of Medicine?
1. Hippocrates 2. Galen 3. Aristotle 4. Lamarck

5. The food poisoning ours due to
1. Bacillus Anthracis
2. lostridium Botulinum
3. Salmonella Typhi
4. Clostridium Tetani

6. Which is a false fruit?
1. Mango 2. Apple 3. Berry 4. Banana

7. Fruit of plant which is found underground is
1. Carrot 2. Onion 3. Groundnut 4. Potato

8. Which is a viral disease?
1. Small-pox
2. Tuberculosis
3. Malaria
4. Cholera

9. The milk is transformed in the form of curd, due to
1. Staphylococcus
2. Yeast
3. Microbacterium
4. Lactobacillus

10. Which disease occurs due to bacteria?
1. Small-pox
2. Jaundice
3. Tuberculosis
4. Leprosy

APVVP General Studies Question Paper 2012 with Key

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12 thoughts on “APVVP Written Test General Studies Question Paper with Key


    appsc ap vaidya vidhana parishad exam 53/2011 final key released after marks in my search

    satish(HYD) 233
    Rajinikanth (Prakasam) 223
    Sankar ram(nellore) 221
    p.Vijayasaradhi (krishna) 218
    (warangal) 209
    A.Ramu (Guntur) 200

    any members to their marks in apvv please post the same web site. present available list in that exam any idea of this examination selection of first taken to district or zone or state wide please tell any one of the viewers and kona srinivas sir thanks to mr.kona srinivas and all of above my friends any information please discuss the my phone no.9885164687
    thank you


  2. a suresh kumar

    i got 243 marks after finalisation of key by appsc in APVVP 53/2011 recruitment. i am from kurnool dt. i am OC category. my cell no. 9989002912
    i got 237 marks in group 4 with ref to eenadu paper key.
    please send any updated information with regard to the above mentioned notifications.
    please send cut off marks for OC candidates


  3. srujana

    I got 187 marks in apvvp after finalisation of key by appsc. I am BC-A caregory of women.please send the cut off marks for BC candidates.


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